YOSHIKI FUKUYAMA Singapore Live Concert

Macross 7 fans were treated to a Fire Bomber special on 18 December as Anisong legend Fukuyama Yoshiki, along with the Fukuyama Yoshiki Band (F-Band) appeared at Movida, St. James Power Station for a rocking two and a half hour show as part of his 2nd Asia Live Tour.

The F-Band, (which consists of Fukuyama Yoshiki on vocals and guitar, Morita Tetsuro on bass, Aso Shoichiro on drums, and “PONchan” Yokota Akira on keyboards), started the show with rocking Macross 7 fan favourites “Planet Dance”, “Totsugeki Love Heart”, “Seventh Moon” , “New Frontier”, “Submarine Street”, “Path of Dream- Yume no Michi”, “Remember 16”, and “Light the Light”. Fukuyama-san played so hard that during the first song he broke a string off of his signature 1972 Fender Stratocaster! Good thing the roadies had a spare guitar. All these songs were so very loved and known by his fans that everyone at the gig had no problems singing along.

Next F-Band beggan play other Fukuyama Yoshiki songs from other anime and video games such as “Wakugai” and “Fukugan” from Kamen no Maid Guy, “Makka Na Chikai” from anime Busou Renkin, “Get Free” from Macross VF-X2, and Visual Novel “Okiba ga Nai” theme song “Kemono Ni Nare”. My favorites out of these songs were definitely “Get Free” and “Wakugai” for their pure hard rocking guitar riffs but I have to say Fukuyama’s old school Hard Rock prowess were really showcased during “Fukugan” which to me sounded like a tribute to legendary rock band Queen and other 70’s psychedelic rock. Check it out!


After this set F-Band continued with more Macross 7 familiars “My soul For You”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fire”, new Fire Bomber song “Burning Fire”, “Dynamite Explosion”, “Starlight Dream”, and ending then their show with “Angel Voice”. But if you thought that was the end, you are sorely mistaken as fans shouted “Mou iikai!” (One More Time) over and over, that it brought F-Band back onto the stage for their encore set.

Fukuyama-san then performed hard rocking “Holy Lonely Night” and the essential “Try Again” before leading the audience in a singalong to his original song “Nekokoshan” with solos from F-Band members showcasing that they were as skilled musicians as their leader. Lastly the band performed the theme to anime “Metal Overman, King Gainer” before ending the concert with a reprise of “Nekokoshan”.

As a fan of the Macross Series I was definitely not disappointed in hearing my favourite songs performed live, but I truly did not expect such a high octane rocking good time with these amazing musicians led by iconic Fukuyama-san.

Can this concert compare to A-lister mainstream rock live concerts? Yes, it does. It may even exceed some of them in terms of entertainment and pure musicianship. The showmanship of Fukuyama-san alone, playing guitar with the microphone stand and using an audience member’s light stick to play percussion guitar, is worth more than the $80 ticket that I paid for. In my eyes, Fukuyama Yoshiki is Japan’s version of legenday Queen guitarist and singer Brian May. It was definitely one of the highlight of 2010 to anime fans and Otakus in Singapore.

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