Yasemin Arslan

Every month there is a great debate who to crown our babe of the month and this round it was a landslide victory as we travel down under with Yasemin Arslan. Not only did she steal our founder’s heart (who must have hacked the voting system) but also impressed many around the world including game developers GearBox.

GameStart 2014 Yasemin Arslan Vera Chimera Cosplay Championship Riven from League of Legends 01

Down in Singapore recently for GameStart 2014, the pretty lady from Sydney Australia cosplayed as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite for the media preview, Championship Riven from League of Legends on day 1 and Eliza from Tekken on day 2. Speaking to our smitten Kenneth, Yasemin shared she got started with cosplay like everyone else back then, finding little bits and pieces in her wardrobe and putting them together. Ending with a chuckle, she goes on about how back in those days, there were no tutorials or modern materials like today and it was really just putting all sorts of scrapes together.

Yasemin Arslan Cosplaying Lilith From Borderlands 2
Photo Credits : http://vera-chimera.deviantart.com/

Yasemin is also well known for being picked by game developer Gearbox to play the live action version of the character Lilith. She shared how it was an unbelievable experience and she had to pinch herself a few times to convince herself it was real. It all happened when a good friend of hers saw the online advertisement and called her to do it. She sent in her modelling portfolio and a week later, she was off to Texas. We do wonder how many bought the game because of her and recently we know Kenneth has reinstalled the game looking at his steam profile.

Quite the gamer herself, Yasmin is a first person shooter fan with titles such as the recently launched Destiny and Sony’s free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter ranking tops in her game library. While she is still slowly learning her way around Destiny, she already has plans to cosplay the Queen of the Reef and the Warlock, Titan and maybe the Hunter. Definitely one to look out for Destiny fans out there!

Those going to BlizzCon will also be pleased to know that Yasemin will be there, meeting up with her “sempais” such as Jessica Nigri and other well-known cosplayers. We hear she is currently doing up the costume for the female version of Thor, although there is also a slight chance she might do the armour or white dress version of Tyrande Whisperwind.

GameStart 2014 Yasemin Arslan Vera Chimera Cosplay Championship Riven from League of Legends 02

Ending off with words of encouragement to new cosplayers, Yasemin’s words of wisdom were to always get up no matter how many times you fall. She shared how she has so many costumes that never made it out the door and that it actually taught her more about costumes and how to sew. She encourages new cosplayers to treat mistakes as a learning curve and never let it put you down.

Thank you Yasemin Arslan for taking time to talk to POPCulture Online and we look forward to more amazing costumes from you.

Do follow Yasemin at Yasemin Arslan – Vera Chimera Cosplay and on her deviantART.

Photos by Felix Chew

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