Yamaha X Asus Showcase

No stranger to the audio industry is Japanese giants Yamaha. With many years in the audio hi-fi industry, Yamaha has become one of the top leaders in this area.

But how does Asus come into the picture together with Yamaha as a company well known for its computers, laptops, tablets and hardware? Well at a cozy part of PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, the two companies came together to showcase their latest in products that will intrigue audiophiles of all level.

Yamaha HPH-M82 Asus Xonar Essence STU
Yamaha HPH-M82 and the Asus Xonar Essence STU

Starting off with the paring of the Asus Xonar Essence STU and the Yamaha on-ear headphones, the HPH-M82, you know this collaboration is off to a good start for the night as both devices seamlessly worked in harmony as I listened to Corrinne May via one of Asus touch screen AIO PC.

Yamaha YAS-152 Sound Bar
The Yamaha YAS-152 Sound Bar

Moving on to the main demonstration inside a specially constructed room, Yamaha’s speakers showcased their audio prowess using a short clip from the action movie white house down. From stand alone speakers to the latest Yamaha soundbar, the YAS-152. Even as someone who prefers true surround sound via proper dedicated speakers, I got to say the YAS-152 is rather impressive considering the sound only comes from the front.

Yamaha A-S3000 integrated amplifier CD-S3000 CD player Asus Essence III
The Yamaha A-S3000 Integrated Amplifier, CD-S3000 CD player and the Asus Essence III

The final presentation was the demonstration of the towering Soavo NS-F901 floorstanding speaker. From a short percussion piece to that of a vocal jazz piece, the NS-F901 performed flawlessly when working with the excellent pairing of the the A-S3000 integrated amplifier and the CD-S3000 CD player.

For those that prefer their music in digital format, the Essence III doesn’t disappoint as it powered the pair of oavo NS-F901 floorstanding speakers and did it’s magic.

Yamaha Soavo NS-F901 Floorstanding Speaker
The Yamaha Soavo NS-F901 Floorstanding Speaker

Overall it has been a rather interesting experience with the various audio products from Yamaha and Asus. While some of these products are clearly aimed at the audiophiles that want the very best in audio quality, there are still others that are worth considering even if you are a casual listener.

Definitely looking forward to seeing what both Yamaha and Asus have in stored for its fans in the future.

Product Photos courtesy Yamaha.

by Kenneth Wong
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