XCOM: Enemy Within Review

The reboot of XCOM was a master stroke by Fraxis that so many spinoffs could not achieve. Familiar yet new, the game gave long time XCOM fans something to smile about while gaining lots of new fans to the franchise. Yet on the whole a very good game that comes highly recommended for all strategy fans, it still felt like something was missing somewhere.

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XCOM: Enemy Within tries its best and largly succeds in filling those holes with Fraxis polishing up the gameplay and adding some new twist and turns to give even the vetran players something to look forward to. Without spoiling too much, these new additions comes in terms of new units which you can add to your squad, a new enemy group to deal, a new resource to gather with and of course lots of new maps to explore.

Gamers who have gone through XCOM: Enemy Unknown should have no issues with XCOM: Enemy Within although new squad strategies will have to be thought of thanks to the new units on both sides. Base defence is a my favorite addition as I always felt it should have been added in the first game having many memorable fights with the original game series.

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EXALT, the new faction is also another interest aspect of the game where gamers have to decide how much resources to put in to hunt these radical humans down. Not forgetting that they will also have the same squad type and weapons as XCOM which adds to the fun.

Overall XCOM: Enemy Within is a good expansion to the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown and while it is going to cost a bit more then expected, you can be sure that it will be money well spent.

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars.

by Kenneth Wong
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