WWE 2K16 PS4 Review

There are days when I will be hash tagging #PCMasterRace all over social media and this is not one of them. After all there are some games that are meant to be enjoyed on the console like the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and WWE 2K16 is one of them. As a wrestling fan from young during the days of Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Mr Perfect, Shawn Michaels and When Undertaker and Limp Bizkit rolled in the good times, you can imagine my joy when I saw the roster for WWE 2K16. Heck even The Terminator is in it and it is hard not to go into Fan Boy mode.

In fact it feels like developers Yuke’s and Visual Concepts have put together something that not only aim to please fans of the WWE Universe but first timers to the whole idea of sports entertainment with Wrestling will want to check this out.

WWE 2K16 Screen Shot Stone Cold Steve Austin Jack The Rattle Snack

Gameplay wise, it is a joy to see that the engine has been refined from its last outing and it is now a viable thing to pull off “behind the referee’s back” to get a one up on your opponent. Get your manager to distract the referee while you take a cheap shot? Sure go ahead. Running out of stamina and need a quick roll out of the ring get away to recharge? Sure why not! Yup, the same real life entertainment is now part of any title belt aiming wrestler’s tactic in and out of the ring.

Graphics and Sound wise, WWE 2K16 is a joy to play on the PS4 in Full HD with a nice set of home theatre setup. From the entrances to the finishing moves and the improved commentary, don’t be surprised if someone asks if you are watching WWE on cable. In fact, fans will want to also check out the extensive customisation the game brings to the table with its long list of items from entrance sets, wrestling rings, costumes and body types.

MyCareer mode returns again with WWE 2K16 and this time developers are pulling out all the stops to give one super 15 year ride to make it to the hall of fame. From challenging the authority to working with them, responding respectfully or aggressive to other superstars and even disturbing matches, you have to give it to developers to give gamers something as close as on TV.

WWE 2K16 Screen Shot The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger Entrance

Overall WWE 2K16 is a must get for wrestling fans especially those on latest generation consoles. While there are still some areas that needs polishing up like the AI in certain situations or how older Wrestler models still look pretty last generation, the game is definitely a step forward into the world where sports meets entertainment.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

By Kenneth Wong

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