Wrath of the Titans Reviewed

When I was first told that they were making a sequel to the re-made Clash of the Titans, part of me gave the “oh no” look as I was kind of disappointed with movie being quite a big fan of the Greek Mythology in both games and books.

But yet that part of me also wanted to give it another chance with a new director,  Jonathan Liebesman at the helm. Sure his other movie, Battle: Los Angeles was not as highly rated as most hoped, it did have it’s moments and I guess that was enough for me to give  Sam Worthington another chance as he faces off with more Greek monsters and gods.

The plot to Wrath of the Titans is not your award winning novel level but a rather straight forward movie with little moments that got the audience laughing. While this could disappoint movie goers going for mind twisting, intellectual stories, I found it just nice as this is an action flick after all. It also means that there are no draggy moments which again does actually help.

Action wise, this is one movie that cannot be found lacking. From the moment Sam Worthington’s character, the half man half god Perseus, puts on his armor and starts kicking monster butt in his village to the fight with a full god (which I shall not reveal and spoil the movie), while not the best I seen so far, it was enjoyable enough.

The characters of the movie were also up to the task for most of the movie. Sam Worthington (Perseus) does a better job this time round as the reluctant at first hero, Rosamund Pike (Queen Andromeda) is the warrior queen whom her army would definitely follow into battle and Liam Neeson (Zeus) is well… as good as he always gets. Nothing award winning here but definitely a performance of acceptable standard.

But the character that stood out for me the most was the half man half god Agenor, son of Poseidon, played by Toby Kebbell. While not giving away too much, this is one character that kind of grows onto you. From someone cast into jail for trying to be funny with the Queen to one who eventually grows up to his calling. Too bad the script writers didn’t develop his character more.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Overall, Wrath of the Titans is a movie I would have no 2nd thoughts recommending it as the kind of movie to destress to after a long work day with its straight forward plot and action that should satisfy. The 3D is also lots better compared to the first movie and graphical quality meets the current standard most are used to.

By Kenneth Wong.

Wrath of the Titans opens in cinemas Mar 29

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