As with all competitions, there can only be one winner and it was no surprise that team UK won thanks to their crowd wowing looks.

“It was not easy coming to a decision to crown the winner as all eight teams had their unique interpretation of street fashion in Singapore.” says Jake f.R., the Director of World Runway. “UK’s winning edge was really their ability to wow the audience. I was looking out for the team who can beat the budget constraints and come up with something extraordinary. And I think team UK did it.”

And as part of the charity component of WORLD RUNWAY, half of the $100,000 prize money will be donated to help with relief efforts in Japan. Subsequent recipients would be chosen by the winning team.

Simon Setter, team leader of UK had this to say about the competition, “It was an incredible opportunity to be able to showcase UK’s style with Singapore’s fashion. We are thrilled to have won but this would not have been possible without the great support from my team and also all the other amazing people in this competition. We were very surprised that despite this being a competition, everyone was so willing to help each other. This is truly a humbling and lovely experience.”

Overall, the event while still quite raw has been an encouraging one with many positives to take home as echoed by both Mr Sugar and Mr Jake f.R when asked about their thoughts on event. Although it will take time still to grow the event, both were hopeful of better things to come and intend to expand the scope of the event next year.

It was a good eye opener too for the POPCulture Online team as it was definitely different from covering your usual fashion shows. We are definitely looking forward to the next WORLD RUNWAY!

Photo Credits: Kenneth Wong & Nicholas Kwan

by Kenneth Wong
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