A short interlude saw upcoming Korean female artist, NARE performing a new original song for the occasion while the judges decide on the 4 teams that will move on to the next round.

With the judges coming to a decision on the 4 teams, the honor was left to Mr Sugar to deliver the judges’ decisions. The four teams which made it through were Japan, Singapore, France and UK. But that was not all as a special twist was injected into the next round. The 4 teams have to choose an eliminated team each to collaborate with. This would mean that both teams styles have to compliment each other, thus adding new styles to the second and final round.

Team France decided to stick to their more conservative modern chic style as with in round 1.

Team Japan continue with their unique blend of street style with interesting head dresses.

Team Singapore went with loud colours that look like it was inspired from the retro 80s era.

Team UK went all out with an elaborate stylish look that turned many heads.

As a special treat while waiting for the scores to be tabulated, Korean pop star Se7en came on for a short performance of 4 songs. He definitely wowed the crowd with his slick dance moves and sang ‘Digital Bounce’ followed by ‘Come Back To Me’, ‘La La La’ and ‘Passion’.

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