From the team behind the highly successful Tokyo Girls Collection and Asia Girls Explosion comes the first ever WORLD RUNWAY event. Held on 18 September 2011 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, this very unconventional yet interesting fashion event saw a turnout of 4500 attendees, which some say is a hint at bigger things to come.

The brainchild of Jake f.R, the event will see eight teams from around the world compete in a fashion face off where each team has to scour Singapore’s most fashionable streets to create 10 runway looks each, within a budget of S$500 for each look.

Japanese singer Ren Kido opened the event with a song item followed by a preview Jen Su’s own fashion collection which according to sources included two local celebrities.

The judges for the event consist of WORLD RUNWAY Director Jake f.R (Founder and Director of Tokyo Girls Collection and Asia Girls Explosion), Tina Tan-Leo (President and Founder of alldressedup, The Link Group and ETRO) and Brian William Frost (Lecturer, Fashion Design Department, Raffles Design Institute).

Each team took turns appearing on the runway with their looks to impress the judges:


Team Brazil is led by Stylist Marcia Amaral with Hair Stylist Flavia Gomide and Make-up Artist Cida Nogiuera.


Team France is led by Stylist Amina Abdala with Hair Stylist Karine Feron and Make-up Artist Virginie Feron.


Team Italy is led by Stylist Morena with Hair Stylist Eugene Davis and Make-up Artist Daikini


Team Japan is led by Stylist Takafumi Kawasaki with Hair Stylist Chinatsu Nobe and Make-up Artist Yuka Washizu


Team Russia is led by Stylist Alexey Pantykin with Hair Stylist Gordeev Vyacheslav and Make-up Artist Aki Matsuhashi


Team Singapore is led by Stylist Jen Su with Assistant Stylist Derrick Fun and Hair & Make-up Artist Antonio Cheng.


Team UK is led by Hair Stylist Simon Setter with Stylist Mike Adler and Make-up Artist Begona Alegria


Team USA consist of Hair Stylist Damon Alfonso and Make-up Artist Emi Koizumi.

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