World of Warcraft: Legion Leveling Guide

With the introduction of Battle for Azeroth comes the new Allied Races and their heritage armor. To obtain the heritage armor, you have to level the good old painful way so no level boosting even if you have the cash to throw into the shop.

With the latest 7.3.5 patch, it is now a long painful grind to max level with the usual dungeon boosting method being nerfed. While there is always “Method Zero” which has been making its rounds on the internet, it can be frustrating to some to fully maximise this method as mentioned by some comments. So unless you have a 2nd account or a friend nice enough to run you through even more dungeons due to the nerf, it is going to be a long journey ahead.

Having painfully leveled both the Lightforged Draenei and Void Elf, POPCulture Online’s resident World of Warcraft (since Vanilla) gamer shares his route to max level in hopes that fellow gamers will not have to suffer too much.

Leveling 20 – 60

Here just level in the lowest bracket zones first as these were designed with no mounts in mind thus the quest groupings and travel time are shorter. Example: 10 – 60 zone done than move on to 15 – 60. If you have to travel across to the other continent, do so as having a mount in a “travel by foot” zone helps a lot. If you have the gold, get heirlooms and the toys for flight paths. It’s a long journey to 110 so every little bit helps.

By 60 you would have gotten your flying mount so stay in the classic zones till 61 as the flying speed would help to balance the exp gains.

World of Warcraft Legion Leveling Guide Muradin Prince Arthas Frostmourne
Fans of Warcraft will not want to miss this scene between Muradin and Prince Arthas where he takes up Frostmourne and started on the patch to becoming The Lich King

Leveling 60 – 80

At 60 head to Northrend and start at Borean Tundra and head to Dragonblight than Zul’Drak and finally IceCrown. You can also start at Howling Fjord than to Dragonblight than Zul’Drak and IceCrown. These are the more enjoyable questing zones out the rest from my experience.

At 74 head back to Eastern Kingdoms but have your hearthstone at a nearby inn at your last zone (this is important as you will see later). Quick way back to Eastern Kingdoms is portal at Dalaran.

Once back in the Eastern Kingdoms, head to Deadwind Pass and finally to Karazhan. Be careful of the mobs due to the change in Legion. What you are going to do there is not run the Legion stuff but rather the old Burning Crusade raid. Due to the scaling mechanics, your level 74 (lower depending on class and gear) is going to farm the trash in there. They give good experience compared to questing in the 60-80 zones and can be reset if you don’t kill any of the bosses.

If you find that you are not killing fast enough to be efficient, you probably need to level up a bit more thus the hearthstone at the inn where you were leveling so it’s a fast way there.

Leveling in Karazhan is up to 80 efficiently and if you don’t mind that some trash would not give any more experience, up to 81 before it becomes not worth it.

Leveling 80 – 90

Here it’s back to questing and I do recommend Pandaria due to the zones being together in one island (Cata zones are all over the world) and the quest lines being more efficient. Plus if you do have a Pandaren or a Monk class, the Shado-Pan faction there has the Replica Shado-Pan Helmet for transmog. Completing the questlines in Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes do reward reputation.

While it’s possible to just quest all the way to 90, those wanting to take a break can try Cata Heroics from 88 to 92. Same theory as Karazhan, making full use of the scaling mechanics, clear instances, rinse and repeat till you get the lockout than head over to the next one.

World of Warcraft Legion Leveling Guide Shortcut To Draenor
Instead of going through the whole Draenor opening quest, there is a shortcut in an underwater cave in the Timeless Isles. Sit on the chair and click on the camp fire.

Leveling 90 – 100

For this bracket, it is off to Draenor (not to be confused with Outlands from The Burning Crusade expansion). Complete the questline to get your garrison operational for the experience boosting potions and it’s off to explore the zones for treasure chest and bonus objectives. The addon handynotes is very useful here and if you already have flying, this will be a breeze.

If you must scratch that questing itch, the Spires of Arak is the place to be with the Home Away from Home buff which gives bonus exp from the Stoktron Brewery. Makes finding treasures and completing the bonus objectives in the zone more attractive.

By 98 you can head over to Dalaran (the Legion version) and its highly advisable to do so to get your artifact weapon. If you do not see the quest giver appear when you reach, relog and this should fix it. With your new weapon, head back to Draenor to continue leveling till 100 or 101 as the speed which you kill things due to the weapon power of your artifact outweighs the experience gain cap.

World of Warcraft Legion Leveling Guide Lightforged Draenei Allied Race Heritage Armor
A Paladin Lightforged Draenei in Heritage Armor

Leveling 100 – 110

The final stretch to max level in this expansion, nothing complicated here but to just go out and quest in the Broken Isles. Do remember to queue up for the respective dungeon once you are done with the zone as the experience gain from the quest completion. Also keep a lookout for legion invasions as these will give lots of experience points are should be considered priority.

So far there is no confirmation yet that the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch content will make leveling easier like Legion and with the incoming stat squish, leveling in Karazhan might not be usable. Thus be prepared for a longer grind so might as well get started if you have not before the pre-patch content hits the live servers.

By Kenneth Wong
© POPCulture Online 2018

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