World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Horde Preview

With a month away to the launch of the next expansion for World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth, the hype train has been building up and the community is bustling with activity. With beta key in hand with a good pint of Stormstout beer, resident gamer Kenneth moves on to take a look at the Horde side in this preview after the Alliance. Do take note that this article contains spoilers due to the nature of the preview and is subjected to change as it is based on the beta.

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New Allies for the Horde

Like their Alliance counterpart, the Horde will also see four new races join in to booster their ranks. These are the Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, Zandalari Troll and the Mag’har Orc. While the Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren are available to players who have pre-purchased Battle for Azeroth for their account and completed the respective requirements, the Mag’har Orc will require players to complete the Horde War Campaign when the expansion launches. The Zandalari Troll however will come later in the expansion.

A bonus to Horde players with the new expansion is that both Orc races now have an option with the posture so players can choose if they prefer the original hunchback or the new upright posture.

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The Ancient Empire of Zandalar

Just like the Legion expansion brought players through the Broken Isles where each area was a separate storyline for players to explore, Battle for Azeroth will see players explore a new area as well. The difference though will be that Horde players will explore the ancient empire of Zandalar, a race that has been  seen throughout the World of Warcraft many expansions.

Made out of 3 main zones with their own storyline, Horde players will be able to choose to quest in their preference of zone and in the order they want, much like how Legion gave players this flexibility. Whether it is to earn the trust of King Rastakhan in Zuldazar, fight the blood trolls in the swamps of Nazmir or uncover a plot to revive an old god in the deadly deserts of Vol’dun, players can look forward to 3 unique zones held together by the troll theme.

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For the Horde

Battle for Azeroth introduces the War Campaign which is similar in mechanics to the Garrison from the Warlords expansion and the Class Hall from the Legion expansion. Players will carry out missions to support the Horde’s war effort as directed by Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner and recruit familiar names as followers to be sent on missions. The research mechanic returns as well with “quality of life” upgrades.

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Like the Alliance War Campaign, Horde players will carry out missions of sabotage into enemy zones. Unlike the Alliance, the direction of the missions can sometimes be “morally grey” as seems to be the community labeling of Sylvanas intentions in this expansion especially with the burning of the great tree incident (not giving away spoilers here but a quick search on the internet for the curious would yield answers). While all is fair in love and war, Sylvanas is developing into an interest character that is not like Thrall’s intention for peace or the warmongering Garrosh.

Unlike the overall Alliance direction this expansion is taking, the Horde direction looks to be more interesting with Blizzard’s idea of “morally grey” and those looking for a plot with more twist and turns than your standard good versus evil will be pleased.

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