Wonder Woman Review

In the early 20th century, the Amazon princess Diana, who is living on the island of Themyscira, meets US military pilot Steve Trevor when he washes ashore. After learning from him about the ongoing events of World War I, she leaves her home for London to bring an early end to the war.

The Good

Gal Gadot shines in probably one of her most physical roles to date but what really stood out was that innocence she projected after leaving Themyscira. There’s an air of naivety that slowly matures and I think this was crucial to the story which in my opinion is the first of 4 different arcs taking place during the movie.

There’s Greek mythology obviously and this sits in the background of the story, not entirely overbearing.

Then we have World War I which is when the story is set in. We see how men back then have amerced themselves into a war they didn’t ask for. Genuine heroism and pure evil.

Finally, the topic of feminism. A cause that probably won’t die any time soon. The movie shows us how far we have come as a species in terms of equal rights but also….how much more we can do.

Wonder Woman is the first summer superhero film directed by a woman, and Patty Jenkins is the first woman to direct a superhero film with a female protagonist. The literal growth of Diana Prince’s strength is also something you should watch out for.

Visually it’s stunning and I’m pretty sure the slow mo effects come into play thanks to Zack and Deborah Snyder who both produce this film.

Notably, for all of Wonder Woman’s weapons, the one that proves the most indispensable is her chemistry with Chris Pine’s charismatic American spy Steve Trevor. Chris Pine plays this role perfectly by the way.

The Bad

Well I find it pretty hard to find any fault with this film and it doesn’t need that. You just need to go enjoy this film.

If I was being picky then I’d probably say that it was a little (very little) draggy getting to the third act of the film but it is worth the wait.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

A disappointing 2016 for the DCEU saw Geoff Johns take the reigns as Chief Creative Officer, Zack Snyder is still highly respected at Warner Bros and adds his signature style onto this film. Patty Jenkins shows us what an edgy director she is and now Joss Whedon is sprucing up the Justice League film.

Marvel Studios, their obvious competitor will only release their first solo female superhero film, Captain Marvel in 2019. This is an area where the DCEU can shine and dominate and if you asked me, the future is very bright.

There are no deleted scenes so we don’t have to wait for an uncut / ultimate version to reassess the film. This is it and this is the best film in the DCEU so far, although sadly it will only be deemed a success if it hits the $1 billion mark.

By Elliott Danker

Wonder Woman opens in cinemas 31 May 2017

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