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It looks like the summer of 2013 will hit us with quite a few Sci Fi films and one of the things that makes a great sci fi film is a sci fi chick, not just one that’s in the movie for her looks but one who’s smart, stylish and sexy at the same time. Basically every geek’s dream girl!

So let’s take a look at some of the Women in sci fi, hitting our big screens this 2013.

Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura in Star Trek Into Darkness

zoe saldana

Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Animated Series, the first six Star Trek films, and the 2009 film Star Trek. The character was portrayed by Nichelle Nichols in all but the 2009 film, in which a younger Uhura was portrayed by actress Zoë Saldana.

Uhura was an important part of the original series’ multicultural crew and one of the first characters of African descent to be featured in a non-menial role on American television series.

In a 2012 poll conducted by SFX Magazine to find the 100 sexiest female characters in science fiction and fantasy, Uhura, as portrayed by Saldana in the 2009 film, was voted number one

Alice Eve as Dr Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness

alice eve

Not much is known about Carol Marcus but she did manage to catch our attention in that brief appearance wearing her underwear in the trailer. We do a bit about Alice Eve who’s set to light up the big screen. She’s known for her roles in films including She’s Out of My League, Sex and the City 2, and Men in Black 3

Did you know that Alice has heterochromia; her left eye is blue, and her right eye is green. While I’m not sure if this is a disease or if some would consider it unfortunate, I personally think it’s really beautiful.

Olga Kurylenko as Julia Rusakova in Oblivion


We all know Olga from Quantum of Solace as a Bond Girl but she traded that and became a sci fi chick in Oblivion playing Julia Rusakova, an astronaut and Jack’s wife before the invasion. Her character was smart determined and at times you saw a sense of deep compassion. Despite what she knew of Jack (Tom Cruise) she accepted him and said that he was the real jack deep down inside. Sounds like a dream girl doesn’t she?

She was featured on the cover of the December 2008 issue of the U.S. edition of Maxim magazine and on the cover of the February 2009 issue of the Ukrainian edition of Maxim. In Ukraine the then-mayor of Berdyansk suggested naming a street after her in early 2008 but unfortunately it didn’t go through.

Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori in Pacific Rim


Gundam vs Godzilla American style? Yeah the movie kinds looks that way and you can bet fan boys of mech suits will be lining the cinemas on opening day. Not much is known about the characters of this film but we do know that Rinko is an untested pilot trainee, who has to team up with a former pilot to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the early trials of the mechanical titans. Together, they must stand as the human race’s last hope against the mounting apocalypse.

Katee Sackhoff as Dahl in Riddick


I loved Katee from the day she stared as StarBuck in Battlestar Galactica! She sure knows how to play the role of the tough chick in movies but did you know that she’s absolutely lady like in real life? Yeah just youtube some interviews of her and you’ll notice that she’s quite gentle, soft spoken but she has a the confidence of a lady as well.

The movie is set for release in September this year and stars Vin Diesel as Riddick of course, and he’s also been pushing the film viraly via Facebook. It looks dark and could be in the mold closer to the original Pitch Black which is great news for fans.

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