Who says Vegetarian Food has to be Boring?

I discovered recently, to my horror, that I have put on 10 kg in the past 2 years in my new job! Everybody was telling me, losing weight is 70% diet. But for somebody who adores her meat the way I do, how am I to survive without or even eating less?!

And that’s when I discover Sufood. Sufood is the #1 Vegetarian Chain from Taiwan that is renowned for its stylish and innovative cuisine. Sufood prides itself in bringing vegetarian dining to a whole new level by working with the freshest ingredients and using healthy cooking methods to create appealing and delicious dishes; giving diners affordable quality and a stylish dining experience.

Sufood’s White Ferula Pesto Pasta – Italian pasta sauteed in fresh basil pesto, topped with juicy White Ferula Mushrooms and laced with assorted vegetables.

Sounds good? Even better is when I discovered that vegetarian food at Sufood is unlike what I know vegetarian food to be. Gone are the heavily processed and starchy mock meats (I never understood the charm of those. If I want meat, I’d go for real meat. Why should I settle for less?). Sufood uses fresh vegetables, fruits, and ensure that every ingredient on your plate tastes exactly like how it’s meant to be.

Sufood’s Mix Fruit & Vegetable Salad – A medley of appetising fresh fruits and exotic vegetable like apple, orange, pineapple served with blueberry dressing.

My personal favorite has to be their new Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Salad, a medley of appetizing fresh fruits and exotic vegetable like apple, orange, pineapple served with blueberry dressing. It is refreshing, the perfect mixture of natural sweetness and juicy crunchiness.

Sufood’s Star Pizza – A golden star-shaped pizza, filled with oyster mushrooms, cream cheese and mustard sauce. Topped with salted seaweed.

This salad is part of the affordable Vegelicious Feast set menu comprising of a specially crafted 8-course meal available all day. This carefully curated 8-course meal will add an even wider variety to the already colorful menu available at Sufood. Each dish has been customized to local taste buds with its nutritional integrity preserved thanks to prudent cooking techniques. The menu is designed to promote good health and vitality, providing a crucial nutritional boost to Singapore’s busy urban dwellers.

Sufood Singapore’s new dishes and menu are available from 1 March 2017 onwards at Sufood Raffles City.

252 North Bridge Road, #02-19, Singapore 179103
Tel: [65] 633 5338
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm [last order at 2.30pm] Dinner: 5.30pm – 10pm (last order at 9.30pm]

By Tessie Tan

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