Which Is Your Favourite Cover

Happy New Year!! We’re still celebrating our 3rd anniversary and we’ve decided to share with you our personal favourite covers over the past 3 years! Do you agree with us?

Elliott Danker – Co-founder

Issue 018 – June 2012 Cover Page

cover 6

I know many people would have expected me to pic the Avengers cover but this was an issue we really had fun putting together. Plus it was really awesome meeting her in person. Did I mention that she’s got the nicest legs I’ve ever seen?

Kenneth Wong – Co-founder

Dwayne Johnson on Issue 028 – Apr 2013

cover 4

Well for me it has to be The Rock cause he is the people’s champion… if you smell….What The Rock…is….cooking!!

Tessie Tan – Writer

Benedict Cumberbatch on Issue 029 – May 2013

cover 1

I love the use of space on this cover and Benedict Cumberbatch is like the sexiest man alive so this one has got to be my absolute fav!

Chen Kangyi – Tech Writer

Batman on Issue 019 – July 2012

cover 7

Because he’s BATMAN! Nuff Said!

Alex Tan – Photographer

Hansel & Gretel on Issue 025 – January 2012

cover 3

What more can you ask for with a awesome hot babes and cool guy with crossbow and guns……………and the chick in tight leather pants!

Ken Koh – Digital Artist

Tom Cruise on Issue 012 – December 2011

cover 2

Because its Tom Cruise and we managed to get him on our cover! *Achievement Unlocked

Well those are our picks from the POP Crew. Which cover was your fav? Do comment below and let us know! In fact you can check out our other covers here and take your pick on which is your fav.

And we’ve got loads of pics for you to check out as well including Keira Knightley who’s made it to our Babe of the month and the best pics from the London premiere of Anchorman 2. Plus lots more to look forward to this month so watch our for it!

From all of us at POPCulture Online, Here’s to an awesome 2014!

By Elliott Danker

Editor of POPCulture Online

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