What we love about Tomb Raider

Have you seen Tomb Raider? Well before you do, let’s look back at it’s origins in it’s video game form. Here’s what some of the folks in the POP Crew have to say.

“Right from the start with the original, the Tomb Raider games were not only challenging with its puzzles but also the idea of an action game staring a female character with Lara Croft was something unheard off. A female Indiana Jones some would scoff but Tome Raider soon grew into a cult classic and a popular culture icon in its own right.”

Kenneth Wong

“Back in the day, its very rare to have a female main and Lara a bad ass”

Ken Koh

I love the 2013 remake and its sequel, the storyline was pretty interesting, the gameplay was different from the other tomb raiders, u had to do some of the same like puzzle solving and clearing obstacle courses, but u also get a RPG-esque style of speccing her build (more kill oriented/surival oriented etc) plus her character development was quite solid, You get to see her from her naive self become who she is by the end of the 1st game.
I didn’t play much tomb raider before that so I don’t remember the other version that well. but iirc it ran for 9 games before the 2013 remake
oh ya but the graphics wapiang it’s damn good.
Nicholas Kwan
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