What Is Pop Culture?

In this first issue of POPCulture Online, I'm gonna be talking about what exactly is Pop Culture.

Based on the official definition, Popular culture (commonly known as pop culture) is the totality of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, memes, images and other phenomena that are deemed preferred per an informal consensus within the mainstream of a given culture, especially Western culture of the early to mid 20th century and the emerging global mainstream of the late 20th and early 21st century. Heavily influenced by mass media, this collection of ideas permeates the everyday lives of the society.

Popular culture is often seen as being trivial and dumbed-down in order to find consensual acceptance throughout the mainstream.

As a result, it comes under heavy criticism from various non-mainstream sources (most notably religious groups and countercultural groups) that deem it superficial, consumerist, sensationalist, and corrupted. Never thought these simple things that spark hobbies within people could have such serious effects right. Well as much as pop culture defines personalities, it also defines other simple things like fashion or your home decoration.

Take mine for example, my obsession with comic books and the need to have it displayed correctly. You know, there is at least 1/3 of my collection that i haven't read yet and I still shop for them on a monthly basis. I guess it's the colour of the comic book which catches my attention or just fuels this need in me to spend.

Speaking of home decorations, how about posters. When I was a teen it was those free movie posters you get in monthly magazines, today it's the limited edition ones you can only find in the U.S. Haha so the culture of posters is still the same but because of a change in spending power the authenticity and value of the poster is much much higher.

Up till today this Iron Man 2 IMAX poster was hanging in my home office but I have been thinking about changing it for Christmas. Mind you this poster cost me 50 bucks when it was released and one of the things i was considering when changing this poster was that the value of the new one had to be more than this IMAX one.

That's so odd, why did I spend so long thinking and wanting the value of the new poster to be higher than this one. Is this culture? Mindsets infused with the pop culture of comics and anime perhaps.

We have a winner!!! I went for a collection of unique Chirashi's which also can't be found in Singapore. These are from Japan, you may or may not have seen these before and are probably wondering what is a Chirashi?

By definition it is actually a Japanese movie flyer they release before the movie is out in cinemas in Japan so I put up a collection of Chirashi's from my favorite movies.

Just think, these movie flyers are placed in cinema lobbies in Japan to promote current and future movie releases. They often take the form of a miniature replica of the movie's poster with promotional photos and copy on the reverse.

The standard Chirashi is a single B5 sheet (approximately 7"x10"/18cmx26cm) with the poster design printed on the front in colour. The reverse side can be monochrome or full-colour, occasionally it may be stamped in a designated space with the name and contact details of the cinema where the Chirashi was picked up or have these printed in a strip along the bottom.

Double-sided and two or four page Chirashi are sometimes produced. The paper used can vary, from gloss to matte, thick to thin. The majority of Chirashi are printed on slightly heavy, glossy paper.

Chirashis are very collectible because they are available only for a limited time, sometimes exist in several variations, feature artwork used only for the Japanese market especially with the cool re-creations of the movie's original logo in Japanese characters.

Well this just about fits perfectly in my home office and it gave me a great feel while writing parts of our first issue of POPCulture Online

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