Have you ever wanted to watch a concert by your favorite band but never got the chance as they either only perform in their home country or somehow seem to miss Singapore in all their tours abroad?

All this is about to change for Japanese music fans thanks to the good people at LIVE VIEWING JAPAN. A joint venture between leading Japanese entertainment companies, LIVE VIEWING JAPAN recently announced plans to bring its entertainment industry’s content to audiences worldwide.

Watching VAMPS LIVE 2013

Kicking off their new offerings here in Singapore, fans of the ever popular Japanese rock group VAMPS which consist of Hyde and K.A.Z got to watch the group’s VAMPS LIVE 2013 concert which was held at the ZEPP DIVER CITY TOKYO.

Starting off with the song VAMPIRE DEPRESSEION, the band wasted no time getting the crowd going with their high energy performance as the ever charismatic Hyde charmed everyone with his stage presence and a voice that continues to amaze even for his age.

Playing a total of 19 songs including their latest singles REPLAY and AHEAD, it was one high octane concert with the entire band displaying moves unique to the Japanese Rock genre in style. Not forgetting the very complimenting lighting sequence which played well to the mood of each song, it was definitely a concert to remember.

Coming back to the experience of watching the entire concert live at Shaw Lido, I am happy to say it was an enjoyable experience overall. While it will not come as close as being there in person, knowing that you are watching it live in real time is as good as it gets. You can think of it like how Football fans are happy to watch their team play live knowing that watching at the stadium is not possible.

It also helped lots that Hyde took time to greet all the fans watching in live from all over the world in different languages. That too definitely help to make the whole experience more personal instead of just watching a concert on a bigger screen.

LIVE VIEWING JAPAN definitely got the formula right and looking at the number of seats filled even though marketing wasn’t as big as say an A-List singer coming to town, they have definitely done enough to let the target groups know.

Hopefully this will be a good encouragement for the team at LIVE VIEWING JAPAN and fans can look forward to more content here in Singapore.

by Kenneth Wong
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