Walking With Giants

It has been an amazing month of June! Our little island we call Singapore was bustling with activity especially for those in the media and entertainment industry. From award winning director and actor Tom Hanks to Korean actor Lee Byung-hun and not forgetting the beautiful Zhang Ziyi, many big names graced us with their presence. This of course meant that the POPCulture Online team was out in full force covering interviews with the stars, attending press conferences and geting a prime spot at the red carpet events which you can read about in our July issue.

But one person stood out for me during this whole month of events. She was really down to earth during our interview session, tried her best to converse with her audience in English during her concert and having watched her first performance almost 4 years ago, I'd say she's transformed into this dazzling star especially when she walked the red carpet for the gala opening of her movie.

Yet one thing I noticed about her was that she is still this simple young lady who really wants to just sing and share her songs with everyone. It's the type of warm fuzzy indescribable feeling that makes you smile just observing her and how she interacts with the people around her. While she might not be as famous compared to the other Giants from the entertainment industry that were in town, she is definitely pulling her own weight.

And on a special note, I would like to also thank the many people who have helped us along the way this month as we were really swarmed with so many things going on at the same time. From the nice PR people who ensured we got our press passes in time to even the hotel staff who arranged the minivan for us, A BIG THANK YOU for making this hectic month an enjoyable one.

Kenneth Wong

Co-Founder and Photographer POPCulture Online

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