Wacom Bamboo Pad Review

I will be honest and say that the Wacom Bamboo Pad is the cutest thing I have seen in my whole life… in a techie kind of way. And that is coming from someone who spend his entire formal education in IT and spent his free time benchmarking graphic cards and drooling over new tech gadgets. But enough of me and lets move onto the very interesting Wacom Bamboo Pad that I have gotten my hands on.

Wacom Bamboo Pad Wireless 01

The first thing that strikes me is the size of the thing. Yes it is small especially when you consider it’s bigger brothers. Yet that is what makes it so handy especially for those of us who do not have much space on our computer tables. In fact the size and weight makes it so handy, I could bring it around with my laptop in my office bag everyday without feeling the extra baggage.

In fact this little Bamboo Pad is the best companion for my laptop (MSI GE40) as being a windows 8 laptop, it sadly doesn’t have a touch screen. This means I usually use the Windows 8 in the familiar desktop mode and not the touch optimized user interface. Thankfully this is where the Bamboo Pad comes in.

Wacom Bamboo Pad Wireless 03

The Bamboo Pad supports gestures which means I can still enjoy using my windows 8 interface like it has a touch screen. This is perhaps one of the best selling point of the Bamboo Pad especially when you take into consideration the small size and the price of it. Yup this little thing is selling for SGD $75 for the wired one and SGD $115 for the wireless one (which I have).

Sporting a pressure-sensitive digital stylus that’s hidden away in the side of the Bamboo Pad, this means that I now do my touching up of photos on the Bamboo Pad which is so much better compared to using a mouse especially when there is a need for accuracy.

Other things I am looking forward to trying out with the stylus is during brain storming sessions. With my Wireless Bamboo Pad, it means I can leave my laptop connected to the projector at one end of the room and yet still write, scribble or draw on the Bamboo Pad which is projected to the rest of the team.

In fact with the wireless capability, there is just so much I can do with the Bamboo Pad and the best part is no messy wires that get mothers or wives nagging.

Wacom Bamboo Pad Wireless 02

Overall this little thing is perhaps one of the best things Wacom has ever released. Because of its functionality, it can help improve the workflow of so many people in different lines of work. Oh and if anyone is wondering, it is made to work with the mac as well. This means all you mac users can use it as a “remote gesture presenter” during presentations which gives you freedom of movement rather than staying at your mac.

At SGD $115 for the wireless and $75 for the wired version, the Wacom Bamboo Pad comes highly recommended for teachers, photographers, techies or just about anyone who needs more control in their work and want it to come portable.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

by Kenneth Wong
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