Visiting SITEX 2014

SITEX 2014 Main Stage

SITEX 2014 takes place at the Singapore EXPO Hall 5 and 6 over the last weekend of the November. Back with a bigger bang this year with more exciting products and gadgets, this is the pace to be for shoppers looking to get that new laptop or printer or tech gadget. Sending our tech guy, Kenneth Wong, down to SITEX 2014 this year with just a compact camera and no media pass, Kenneth will be sharing his experiences from a tech consumer’s point of view.

The first thing to mind as I step into the event grounds is the bigger walking space allocated for the crowd to move about through the 2 halls. Always a nice gesture from the event organisers, I have no issues walk about even though it was a pack Friday night. While popular booths still had their fair share of crowd hearing the various emcees talk about the latest promo, there was no point where I had to stop for more than 3 minutes.

With the Economy doing slightly well this year, shoppers will definitely be looking for good deals to spend their bonus on.

SITEX 2014 Asus Lenovo Laptops

With big retailers such as Newstead and Harvey Normal all around, visitors to SITEX 2014 were definitely spoiled for choice on the latest laptops and desktops. From high end gaming machines running the latest nVvidia 900 series graphic cards to sleek ultrabooks that weigh less than 1.5kg, there was no shortage from brands such as Asus and Lenovo.

SITEX 2014 Aftershock

Those looking for more specialised gaming machines were also in for a treat as Alienware and Aftershock made its presence felt at SITEX 2014. From customised keyboard lights to special thermal paste for the CPU chip, you can be sure that these laptops will attract attention when you bring them down for LAN parties or even using them in class.

SITEX 2014 Creative Booth

Another big draw of crowd at SITEX 2014 is the Creative booth where the award winning Creative Roar was on display. A sign that the local company is once again leading the audio pack, the Roar was on good promotion for those looking to get it. Creative also showcased their latest Sound Blaster X7 USB DAC and audio amplifier. Promising to be a game changer with its audio processing power and the ability to connect to your TV, sound system and smart devices, there is little wonder why the queue to the showcase was always long.

SITEX 2014 MyRepublic

The various Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Telcos were again present this SITEX 2014 after missing out on the previous tech show. With long queues thanks to special promos on the latest handsets and each promising blazing fast speeds for high definition consummation in the home, consumers are definitely spoilt for choice this time round.

SITEX 2014 Microsoft Surface Pro 3

One product that I was looking to get a feel on is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which brings the power of a full Windows experience in the portability of a tablet. With its positive reception when announced, those looking to pick up the Surface Pro 3 at SITEX 2014 will not be disappointed with the competitive pricing and free gifts that come with it. Those looking to get the keyboard with the Surface Pro 3 will be glad to know that retailers each have a special promo for it.

SITEX 2014 - Samsung Booth

Big names from the Printer industry were also present to give consumers a good variety of printers to choose from depending on their needs. From the wallet friendly ink tank using Epson to the budget laser printers from Samsung, consumers are spoilt for choice in this area. Not forgetting the likes of Brother, Canon and HP also bringing out their latest models, those looking to get a printer this round will a wide variety to choose from.

SITEX 2014 H9RC Booth

Other interesting sights this SITEX 2014 include high performance resin cases from H9RC for protecting important equipment, audio products from the wallet friendly Fiio and the various robot cleaner brands like iRobot and Aztech.

Overall it was an interesting experience visiting SITEX 2014 this year as somehow while the staple products and brands were to be expected, the appearances of products like Casio’s G-Shock range and H9RC cases were rather unexpected. Not forgetting the workshops that are scheduled including a sharing experience of Samsung’s new flagship mirrorless camera, the NX1, it looks like I will be heading back to SITEX 2014 for a little more “sightseeing” over the weekends.

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