Velocity 2x Review (PS4/PS Vita)

I was just beginning to wonder if there were any good titles coming out for the PlayStation Vita. Lately, one would be experiencing the dry spell of games, the calm before the storm before a whole horde of games start to hit you wave after wave from September. Along comes Velocity 2x the sequel and successor to the first Velocity Ultra in 2013 which happens to also be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers this month so I took it upon myself to give it a run. Fast forward one week and I can safely say, you’ve got to try this out!

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Velocity 2x plays like a vertical/horizontal scroller shooter. Remember old classics like gradius, r-type, Sonic Wings. Well, Velocity 2x does not just play like an ordinary vertical scroller. The Quarp Jet which you fly is well fitted with a teleportation device which allows you to teleport at short distances to avoid and to side step enemies. Your goal is to rescue survivors and stranded ships. Sounds simple? Well not quite, the difficulty ramps up at an excellent pace giving players new skills are very precise junctures after you’ve mastered a certain skillset. The other segment of the game is a side-scroller adventure very much like your usual Metroid-vania styled game. The purpose is mostly the same but the gameplay involves using the right thumb stick to blast numbered doors in order to proceed. Speed is of course one of the elements which really make the game shine. Long has it been since there was a spiritual successor to the blue blur Sonic the hedgehog. Enter Velocity 2x, where you blast through the levels teleporting your way past walls, blast enemies’ doors before boarding your ship. Along the way, players would encounter more complex elements like the teleporting device which lets you throw up hard to reach areas while sidestepping any obstacles. In a nutshell, as you progress in the game, muscle memory plays a big part in the levels. The developers seemed to scaffold players into finishing a level in the shortest time. Think of mirror’s edge but with the ability to do it in 2D coupled with teleportation.

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The control scheme on the vita is like a hand in the glove. The touch controls work perfectly to integrate touching to teleport your ship. All controls are used except the rear touch pad (thankfully) and the gyroscopic controls (thankfully as well). While the story isn’t exactly the strongest point of the game, the gameplay certainly makes up for it. The story segments are told from using vibrantly colored cut scenes with dialogue text to read. The graphics notably are sharp and crisp, well animated character models make Velocity 2x a very pretty looking game.

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PlayStation users, if you are looking for a fun, bite-sized, arcade styled shooter, do not let this game pass your sights and be forgotten. People normally play games for certain elements but old school gamers would really come to appreciate what Velocity 2x does. It blends challenging elements of puzzle solving/shooting and side scrolling and still manages to balance all aspects to bring together a fun and engaging experience. As a retro gamer myself, Velocity 2x is a bucket load of fun and earns my seal stamp of games not to be missed. For all other tech news and popular culture, keep it lively on POPCulture Online.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

by Kenneth Choong
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