Making her maiden appearance at AFA11, USAGI wowed fans in Singapore with her unique style and she also graced the regional cosplay championship as a guest judge.

POPCulture Online’s dynamic duo – Elliott Danker and Kenneth Wong managed to sneak a chat with her to find out more about her workout regime and what she does to unwind.

POPCulture Online: You’re even more gorgeous in person! We couldn’t help but notice your toned physique….tell us how many sit ups do you do a day?

USAGI: Hahahaha no I don’t really exercise! Actually I’ve gained a bit of weight recently! Hahaha!

POPCulture Online: Well it doesn’t look that way! But it’s not easy to maintain your physique especially with the kind of characters you portray. Especially being a woman, certain character clothes have to show of your figure so how do you maintain your physique.

USAGI: I do a lot of stretching to stay in shape. I also always practice a peculiar kind of diet where I eat as much as I can before 3pm. After 3pm, no more food. If I have to eat at night, I take very little food.

POPCulture Online: What do you do to unwind and relax?

USAGI: Cosplay! Haha! Ok I also play some online games every now and then.

POPCulture Online: Let’s talk about cosplaying. How do you choose the characters you cosplay?

USAGI: My basic foundation for choosing a character is my love for the character. Even though the character may not suit me, I take it as a challenge and will want to do my best. Especially Silent Hill and horror characters, cute ones too!

POPCulture Online: Of all the characters you have portrayed, do you have a favorite?

USAGI: Everyone is number one to me! Haha!

POPCulture Online: Is there a character that you have not done yet that you would like to do?

USAGI: Some day I would like to do Saint Seiya with all the armor on, Saga and Pandora as well.

POPCulture Online: Being a judge at the Regional Cosplay Championship, do you have any advice for both new and experienced cosplayers?

USAGI: I recently went to Korea for Cosplay Summit as a guest and I find that the most important thing is to love the character to the extent that you show the characters personality in the form, the costume and to be that character.


Well USAGI certainly showed how passionate she was about her craft and was an absolute joy to speak to. For more of USAGI do check out POPCulture Online’s report of the Regional Cosplay Championship at AFA11.

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