Up Up and Away

In 2006 Superman Returns was released and I was the most excited person in the world. Long have I wanted a Superman film in modern times since I used to watch Superman 1 and 2 on VHS in the 80s. At first I was impressed but after a while I realised there wasn’t much more to that film other than that famous plane rescue scene.


It’s about 7 years since that movie and I’ve pretty much given up on a good Superman movie, call it the curse of Superman or whatever. Batman from DC has been awesome but that’s done now and honestly I think we’re starting to get a little bit of Iron Man overkill but as long as it’s RDJ I’m fine. Hmmm…..funny, considering I said if it was RDJ I’d be ok, could an actor make that much of a difference in a comic book character? Of course!

So back on track, Man of Steel opens this month and I remember my initial reaction of Henry Cavill being cast as Superman. Like, who is this guy? I don’t want to get into that but so many trailers and TV Spots later and I’m in total awe of this movie. I really hope it plays out to be the movie of the year, just look at the action and intensity. I’m so so looking forward to it. He’s no Christopher Reeve, who will forever be Superman to me…..that’s for my childhood anyway. This guy Cavill and the combination he has with Director Zack Snyder might just be what we need!

I’m really glad we were able to get Henry Cavill on our cover and many thanks to Warner Bros Singapore for helping us with that!

We’ve got lots more this issue, as Gal Gadot is finally our babe of the month. This was largely due to a complaint from our staff after the release of FAST 5. You see, I vetoed everyone and chose Jordana Brewster as the babe of the month back then and well, the minions had an uproar..hahahaha! Speaking of FAST 5, FURIOUS 6 is now in cinemas and we decided to track the crew down as they traveled the world promoting the movie.

Have you seen “Now You See Me”? Oh it’s a great movie and I highly recommend it, do check out our review and we’re back in the J Rock scene as we take a lot at J Rock Matters as well.

Hope you enjoy the issue and have a great June!

Elliott Danker

Editor POPCulture Online

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