The Underdog In Me

I’m a pretty big fan of boxing movies. Some of my favorites of course would be the Rocky series with Rocky IV my favorite, the one where Stallone has to battle Dolph Lundgren who was huge compared to him. He went up to the cold mountain areas to train with his close friends by his side, the media labeled him the underdog in that fight to avenge Apollo Creed, his close friend and mentor.

A few months ago I saw the trailer to Real Steel and thought, “Oh an underdog boxing movie!” and it was staring Hugh Jackman who to me is a very emotional actor for an action star and I mean it in a good way. I think there hasn’t been a boxing movie that has made a hugh impact in cinemas but there have really been many good ones. Take for example Annapolis staring James Franco and Tyrese Gibson. It’s about a boxing tournament that takes place in Annapolis, the training grounds of Navy officers in USA. James Franco is the underdog trainee and Tyrese is a successive tournament champion in a competition where rank doesn’t mean a thing, just the fight. By the way James Franco doesn’t win but he puts up a hell of a fight that inspires everyone in the camp. He gets really close to winning with pure determination and courage and if…just if….there was another round, he would have probably knocked out Tyrese. Unfortunately the competition was limited to just 3 very grueling rounds.

Sometimes when I’m in need of inspiration I watch clips of boxing movies like Rocky and Annapolis and I find myself thinking that yes I can reach for anything I want to with a little determination and belief. Looking at Real Steel, I think this is going to be one of those films you’re gonna be inspired by so I’m really looking forward to it. In the meantime we bring you a look at the director and cast behind the movie. We’ve also got an article on Hugh Jackman and a Real Steel Robot’s roll-call coming up Oct 7.

Apart from that we visit the likes of WORLD RUNWAY and get stick into SCANDAL mania when then band was in town. We were fortunate enough to meet with the group and get access to photographing them during their concert. We also have your regular reviews segment as we look at some of the latest CD releases, games and a new pair of headphones from Audio-Technica.

Another head turner would be our Babe of the month. I know, you must be thinking “Who is Ruby Rocket”….well I’m sure the picture of her decked out in the Phoenix costume should jog some memories as she was picked up by Maxim USA who ran photos of her in her cosplay outfits. So yes, we’ve interview a very very very credible and absolutely gorgeous international cosplayer.

On behalf of the crew I sincerely hope you enjoy this month’s issue and do have a great October ahead!

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