Uncharted 3 Reviewed

If I were to tell you Naughty Dogs 3rd entry in the Uncharted franchise is just as marvelous as its other two predecessors? Actually, the only thing that might surprise you about Uncharted 3’s relentless roller coaster ride is that how “safe” the game is, you won’t be able to find any ground breaking innovations or game changing mechanics in this game. Uncharted 2 set the bar for modern Action Adventure games but it’s kinda disappointing that Uncharted 3 did not manage to raise it. I kept feeling a slight “been there, done that” sense throughout the game because the game borrows from its predecessors almost perfect blend of gunplay, puzzle solving and platforming sections. Even though the game is not superior to its predecessor. I’m still happy to play another sequel that manages to hit the same notes.

The gameplay of Uncharted 3 has not changed since the 1st game, the gunplay, puzzle solving and platforming feels familiar even though a few things feel improved here and there. Drake will now make use of objects in the environment via a context sensitive button press, this minor improvement vastly makes the close combat more cinematic and giving the CQC segments a more “Jacky Chan” feel to it. The frustrating stealth gameplay has been tweaked so it flows smoother compared to the last game. Enemies still can take a unrealistic amounts of bullets, it could get frustrating sometimes especially when the combat gets more intense and hectic. And like the last game, Uncharted 3 also excels at letting you interact with its lushly detailed environments in ways you never expected. It’s really impressive to how an organic looking scene in the games multitude of locales can break into a series of conveniently placed handholds.

The set pieces in this game is of epic proportion, some might say they are at the point of perfection .Think back to Uncharted 2, the 1st things you remember is the battle with a HIND in apartment blocks in Nepal and the battle on top of a speeding train. Uncharted 3 delivers the same jaw-dropping set-pieces the like you have never seen outside of Hollywood action Blockbusters. The seamless transition from gameplay to set piece/cutscene is done to a perfection, never once was there a break, there’s still nothing else quite like it.

Naughty Dog created an incredible game that is Uncharted 2, taking an action game and elevating it to a cinematic height, you could almost believe you were playing an action movie. That game set the bar so perilously high that it’s no crime this sequel merely rises to meet it, and not surpass it. Both games are so impressive that it’s tempting to wonder whether there’s even much more to be done in this style of game on this generation of hardware. That’s a question only time will answer, but today, right now, you should spend some time playing Uncharted 3.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

By Chen KangYi
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Uncharted 3 is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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