Tron Legacy Reviewed

Walt Disney Pictures presents the sequel to the 1982 film, Tron. Is the Sci Fi movie of the year a worthy sequel? POPCulture Online finds out.

Just some background on the film. Joseph Kosinski actually makes his feature film directorial debut with Tron Legacy, while the previous film director, Steven Lisberger, returns as a producer.

Jeff Bridges reprises his roles as Kevin Flynn and Clu, as well as Bruce Boxleitner reprises his roles as Alan Bradley and Tron. Garrett Hedlund portrays Flynn’s now-adult son, Sam. Olivia Wilde also stars in this film.

The plot basically takes place twenty years after Sam Flynn last saw his father, Kevin, an innovative software programmer and former CEO of ENCOM International who made a mysterious disappearance.

One night, an executive consultant for ENCOM and friend of Kevin, Alan Bradley, sends Sam to investigate a mysterious page originating from the long abandoned Flynn’s Arcade. While searching for clues, Sam is suddenly transported to the digital world of The Grid. Aided by the digital warrior Quorra, Sam is reunited with his father and together set out on a journey to return home.

The Verdict

Tron Legacy keeps true to the original but wows the audience with an updated 3D presentation of The Grid. The light cycle battles make a very impressive display and Jeff Bridges does a good job of portraying good and bad guy in this film. Daft Punk innovates with hints of midi retro sounds while lining the soundtrack with a modern touch.

Don’t try to make sense of it though, especially if you’re a programmer yourself. There are mentions of isotopes and some other tech talk but hey it’s all part of being in The Grid.

While the parts after Sam gets reunited with his father were abit draggy, the action does pick up again when they decided to make a run for the portal to escape back to the real world. If you are looking for a movie to end 2010 with then you should visit The Grid.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Definitely a worthy sequel. Tron Legacy is out in cinemas Dec 16.

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