Transformers: Dark of the Moon Preview by Michael Bay

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Director Michael May has given Superherohype a preview on the 3rd installment in the Transformers movie series. Along with the preview, a new picture of Optimus Prime was released.

The picture shows Optimus Prime with his blade and gune out to a background of a battered city scape. The picture also gives a few hints on the enemies that the Autobots will be facing with what looks to be a few flying mechanical robots and spaceships in the backgroun as well.

Director Michael Bay also talked about the script development of Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

This time–with the aid of screenwriter Ehren Kruger–more time was allotted in script development on "Dark of the Moon," a "solid" eight months. Bay admits that it is difficult to tap into the innocence of the first film and the sense of awe it delivered. Audiences by now have grown desensitized to the giant robot spectacle. As Bay puts it, "The genie is out of the bottle."

"This one is a more mature storyline, definitely darker, more emotional in the end. You feel the stakes are higher because it takes place in an American city. You're not disconnected with Egypt and the pyramids. I'm very happy with the movie," he says, touching lightly on the story we can expect to see. "It's a small group and you follow them. There's no cavalry coming. I've said this with Ehren, we were talking about concept, we used the term 'Black Hawk Down.' We try to make the cavalry unable to come. And it's more fun to watch our heroes in this epic ending with just a small group. It makes it more intimate."

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