Transformers Cybertron Con Singapore

The very first Transformers Cybertron Convention was launched at Resorts World Sentosa on 11 March bright and early at 9am. Many VIPs and members of the press were all eagerly awaiting the sneak preview of the convention before it was opened to the public at 11am. Elliott Danker and Kenneth Wong relive their childhood at this visually stunning event.

The Transformers have been around for 28 years so you can imagine how many generations it has touched. If you were a fan of Generation 1 then you would have seen how the franchise has evolved over the years. For some of us it may have been hard to accept the different incarnations and designs of the Autobots and Decepticons or you might even remember how the Death of Optimus Prime touched your heart in 1986, you might have even thought then that it would be the end of our favourite robots in disguise.

After over 2 decades we’ve seen 3 very successful movie blockbusters, new animations as they call it now, not like in the 80s where they were simply known as cartoons and a 3-D ride in Universal Studios Singapore. Crowds were already queuing up way before most of the media arrived as they were gunning for the exclusives on sale and while they waited, the good folks at Movie Mania sent their Optimus Prime and Bubble Bee mascots to entertain them.

The event started off with the opening of the Transformers Cybertron Con where a replica All Spark came out from this podium to mark the first ever Cybertron Con in South East Asia. We were then treated to a preview of the convention where we caught a glimpse of many of the exclusives and some interesting variants of the Transformers repainted with additional props by various media personalities from Daniel Boey to local musicians Jack and Rai.

A gallery showcasing 28 years of the Transformers brand was what greeted us as we entered the convention grounds with various toys from the different generations of Transformers. It was pretty much a walk down memory lane and into the future of what the current generation of kids are watching if you have lost touch with the franchise.

The star of the event was Optimus Prime himself with a 22 ft tall life-sized replica in the center of the convention. It’s the version from Michael Bay’s movie franchise and it was gorgeous. The detail was great and just standing there made you feel that your trip as a fan was complete.

Of course there were the standard apparels on sale which I must say feature some very unique designs so if you’re thinking about a souvenir other than the toys on sale, you might consider getting one of the t-shirts.

The crowd was simply amazing with many families visiting the event, kids rushing to take pictures and get their parents to purchase toys. But one kid stood out for us as we were walking around, a young boy shouted “Look dad, I see generation 1”. Now that’s a fan who appreciates history and because we’re from generation 1, we salute you! This is a Kenneth and I feel old moment….excuse us. Haha!

Overall for a first time we’d say this is a very successful event that isn’t just about toys or exclusives but a showcase of a rich history that’s crossed over from east to west. While generation 1 was heavily American, I’m sure many of you would remember the Headmasters and even Rodimus Prime whose designs were heavily influenced by the Japanese.

I think while we love attending comic conventions, this event touched our hearts because of the rich history it represents and how it is still able to connect with kids even till today. The sight of big kids (the dads) and little kids (the sons) stepping up to take a photo of one of the earliest heroes in popular culture, Optimus Prime is enough to tell you how much the world loves The Transformers.

Watch out! Now there’s another pop culture convention in town!

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