Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

Are you ready for 2 hours and 37 minutes of explosions, short denim shorts, more explosions, hardcore car porn and…..Mark Wahlberg’s biceps? GREAT! Michael Bay attempts to somewhat “reboot” the Transformers movie franchise by redesigning the Autobots and casting (not all) people who can actually act……….trust me, this helped loads! Let’s find out if Transformers: Age of Extinction is worth the watch!

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The Plot

There is NO plot!

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The Verdict

So here we are 4 years after the battle of Chicago, basically humans don’t trust the Transformers and more specifically The Autobots, Optimus Prime is jaded and pretty much doesn’t really like humans anymore. It’s kinda like the cycle of love isn’t it, first infatuation (Transformers), soon it’s just unconditional love (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), you fight and break up (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and then comes the hate (Transformers: Age of Extinction). I can’t believe I just wrote that.

I digress, let’s get back on point. So Optimus is jaded but one human (Mark Wahlberg) who starts as an out of luck dad and inventor (I didn’t know inventors were that buff….in that case I should have been a scientist) comes along and repairs big bot. They learn to trust each other and…..cue government finds out, cue destruction explosions and mayhem.

Let’s just get rid of the story line, leave our brains at the door and ask ourselves, what can we enjoy from this film. Well a lot actually, it’s cool factor is definitely off the charts, there’s loads of car porn and Li BingBing is one classy lady who kicks ass. There are moments where the humans steal the show and that really is in part due to Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci, which for me were the best parts of the movie. I’m a huge fan of Marky Mark and he as an out of luck type of character always works and plus he’s a dad in this film so that family element is very well portrayed.

Now Stanley Tucci is amazing if you don’t already know, just watch the Hunger Games. You get him as a person who isn’t quite the bad guy, he’s just doing what he really believes is right. A tyrant at one spectrum of the movie and very much a human at the other end. It was a pretty good dynamic from him.

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The Dinobots are in this one and for NEW audiences, hooray! But for us who saw The Transformers: The Movie from 1986, well you’re not gonna be happy. So I’m just going to manage your expectations by saying, this is totally new. Clear your mind, leave your brains at the door and everything will be alright!

Visually I would suggest watching it in 2D and make sure you’re seated further back in the cinema because there is a lot of detail going into each action scene. I really must commend Michael Bay on that because he really knows how to work an action scene on a massive scale but you need to be able to see the whole screen to enjoy it.

Oh and lastly, watch out for Autobots voiced by John Goodman and Ken Watanabe. High profile actors voicing Autobots were quite refreshing and a major plus point for the movie.

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Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

0.5 stars for Mark Wahlberg, 0.5 for Stanley Tucci, 0.5 for John Goodman, 0.5 for Ken Watanabe and 0.5 for Li BingBing. I gave you 5 reasons to watch the film so don’t say I’m slamming the film! In all honestly, it’s great for the kids, they will love it but for those who grew up with the cartoon, manage your expectations and throw away your brain if you want to enjoy it.

By Elliott Danker

Transformers: Age of Extinction opens in cinemas June 26

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