Top 5 PC Games of 2012

5) XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Coming in at number 5 is the reboot of a series that I am sure many gamers including myself have a love hate relationship with. Although many were skeptical at first when Fraxis announced that they were going to reboot the series that have seen countless failed attempts at “spiritual successors” and remakes, nothing comes as close to the original as this.

While the game has somewhat been streamlined to be mainstream friendly, the option to ramp up the difficulty levels to that of the original series was a very welcomed option. A game that all strategy fans should add to their collection, XCOM: Enemy Unknown takes the 5th spot for me.

4) Max Payne 3

I know many are going to give me puzzled look as to why this game is in my top 5 list for 2012. Well as an avid PC gamer, I was rather inpressed with how well the game ran on the PC. Sure it was good on the console but the good people at      Rockstar somehow tweaked the game even further for the PC and it looked and played even better.

Max Payne 3 was a joy for me to play on my PC that I actually stopped to take in the visuals. Not many games can do that and that is why the game is number 4.

3) Torchlight 2

A game which doesn’t put you through the pre-game 1003 error boss and lets you start all the hacking and slashing right out of the box is a game which has been called the game Diablo 3 (when first launched) should be. Sure it doesn’t have the resources that Blizzard has but yet it is everything many gamers hoped Diablo 3 will be.

From the inclusion of online co-op and offline co-op via LAN to the amount of loot that one can imagine and some more, Torchlight 2 has been the culprit of many sleepless nights for me and the frequent trip to coffee joints for caffeine to keep me await during the day.

2) Mark of the Ninja

This is one sleeper hit that not only surprised me but countless gamers and reviwers all over the world. The side-scrolling stealth action game from Klei Entertainment combines fluid 2D animation with intense stealth gameplay that keeps you coming back for more, more and even more.

In the age where gamer expectations are high on 3D, it is very refreshing to see a 2D game which does so well. Definitely a game to add to your collection regardless of genre preferences.

1) Guild Wars 2

Even with many MMORPGs flooding the market, this game stands out the most for its guts to be different from all the other cookie cutter mainstream stereotypes. From its F2P concept to the idea of a living breathing world where the player actually makes a difference is just awesome. Never have I felt so part of the world when a game populated by millions of others.

If there is one game that defined my gaming year of 2012, it has to be Guild Wars 2.

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