Top 5 Movies Of 2012

1) The Dark Knight Rises

Image courtesy of Warner Bros Singapore

It’s rare to find a sequel better than the first film and to find a fitting ending for the trilogy, with all the proper closure and the emotional journey viewers get to experience. The themes enveloping the idea that is batman are fresh, separating this from the other sequels. Tom Hardy’s Bane definitely will make one of my top villains of all time, together with Heath Ledger’s Joker of course.

2) The Hobbit

Despite its slightly dragging beginning, this flick managed to tell the beginning of a very epic tale, HFR or not. It’s a story of love, faith, strength and humanity, speaking of how an ordinary being being pulled into circumstances manages to find courage to undertake a journey, and despite being against the idea in the beginning decides to carry on. With all its imagery and depth, this movie is definitely a good prequel to the Lord of the Rings.

3) Marvel’s The Avengers

Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore

After all the previous movies setting up to prepare for this epic showdown, the Avengers definitely delivers. Although the show was a tad slightly more Iron Man than the rest, the nonstop action and tinges of humor makes this film very enjoyable.

4) Perks of Being a Wallflower

A story of how a boy with no friends manages to not only find friends in a new school but also find love, and how every high school kid once considered themselves misfits. The brilliance of this film is how the themes of love and friendship are explored, how each character shares their past and how important it is to find your true self amongst all the havoc and confusion that is high school.

5) The Dictator

Sasha Baron Cohen once again brings out an awkward individual that doesn’t fit into America’s social norms. It once again has all the extreme stomach pain inducing quality humor and all the crude jokes are very rememberable. My favourite parts of the movie, which my friends and I still quote to one another even to this day, are the restaurant scene as well as the helicopter scene.

By Nicholas Kwan
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