Top 5 Console Games of 2012

1) Mass Effect 3

The definitive ending to one of this generation’s greatest RPG series. Mass Effect 3 not only wraps up every single plot line in a series spanning 3 games and 5 years, developers Bioware refined the game to a shine. Everything from the random ambience dialogues to the Hollywood level cinematography during conversations, the surprise addition in ME3 is the inclusion of multiplayer which was initially met with mixed reaction from fans and critics alike but all detractors were silenced when the game shipped with a simplistic yet addictive Co-Op multiplayer. Simply put, Mass Effect 3 is THE GAME of 2012

2) Far Cry 3

A lush jungle filled with ruthless pirates and a myriad of wildlife all coexisting in a believable eco-system and the worst part, you are smack dab in the middle of it. As Jason Brody, the player must survive in the brutal jungles of Rook Island while attempting to save his friends from a vicious named Vaas. While Borderlands might have one of the best comedic writing in a game, developers Ubisoft clinched the top spot for THE best writing in a game, period. The game’s main antagonist Vaas’s conversations between the player and himself literally made my skin crawl. Never does the camera leaves the body of the protagonist so when Vaas gets in your face, he will literally make you feel like nothing but a piece of meat.

3) Borderlands 2

This game might not have topped the overall list but it certainly created 2 of THE MOST well written and designed characters of 2012, the ever lovable ClapTrap and the eerily humorous antagonist Handsome Jack. Developers Gearbox Software really knocked the ball outta the park with the sequel to the original Borderlands by fixing every single problem that both the gaming media and community had with it. The sequel added a plethora of quests that you can partake in along the way, they range from simple fetch quests to epic boss battles; the quests and dialogue in here is some of the funniest and wittiest writing I’ve seen in recent gaming history (one could only compare it with the witty humor of Tim Schafer).

4) Hitman: Absolution

Gaming’s original assassin returns in the long awaited sequel in the titular Hitman series. Series protagonist agent 47 was given a next gen treatment, everything from the graphics(one of the most beautiful environments ever created) to the gameplay itself (a Gears of War styled cover system). Unlike in the previous Hitman games, gamers would no longer be punished for using an excessively violent approach in killing your target but finesse and stealth is still the way to go in this game.

5) Forza Horizon

It’s wondrous to see how far Forza Horizon strayed away from its original formula but still managed to capture the intensity and speed of the numbered Forza games. Set in a fictional Music/Car festival in Colorado, USA; players get to drive around the enormous open world, challenging other racers to impromptu street races and they can even race against a biplane. A streamlined car tuning/modification system was put in place to ease the casual weekend racers into the world of car tuning while the hardcore tuning fanatics could still fine tune certain aspects of their cars performance.

By Chen KangYi
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