Top 5 Anticipated Games of 2013

The Chinese New Year is always one holiday many look forward to. Not only does it mean 2 days of public holiday, lots of goodies to eat but it also means ang bao or red packets for those of us who are still not married. And for the benefit of our non chinese readers, these red packets usually contain money which is given by relatives who are married.

And if you are wondering whats the best way to spend that precious red packet money, our resident game reviewer Yuxuan has a list of games that you can considering saving up for:


South Park was funny. It was funny the way ‘Happy Tree Friends’ was funny, it was funny the way crude humour will always be hilarious.

This upcoming game sets itself apart from previous South Park games by being the first RPG in the series, and if the episode (The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers) it was based on was any clue to what the game will be like, we could probably expect a nice parody style role play game (and, Lord of the Rings, naturally.)


One of Ubisoft’s latest announcements was a stealth game that at first glance doesn’t seem too unlike Assassin’s Creed, a franchise that it is incredibly famous for.

He main difference though, is that Watch Dogs is set in the 21st Century, and in true style of the Information Age, the player will utilize tools to hack into the city’s central operating system to turn things to their favour.
Jamming cell-phones to create a distraction, tapping phone calls, controlling traffic lights and raising bridges, all elements of a modern age stealth game.


Pokémon X & Y are the first games to be out for the 3DS, and with it, it introduces various game elements that really make them stand out from previous Pokémon games.

The 3D graphics that have been shown in the trailers, for one, do make the game appear much more engaging, and being able to swing around on vines as well as the implementation of changing camera angles over the entire game really do make the games much more visually appealing.


Move over, Spiderman. A game that is way overdue, Deadpool obviously focuses on the Marvel ‘merc-with-a-mouth’ character Wade Wilson, or more commonly known as Deadpool.

Deadpool is most famous for his insanity, whacky, smart-mouthed dialogue, internal monologues (have you met yellow box and white box?), frequent breaking of the fourth wall, and oh, even more insanity. The game promises plenty of action, what with him being a mercenary and all, and so much killing.

Wolverine has nothing on him.


There’s no heartbreak like a Capcom Ace Attorney series game. Despite the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any plans to translate the latest two games in the series, fans of the series continue to hold their breaths with fingers crossed that maybe Capcom will finally decide to translate it all, all the while obviously deceiving themselves.

It’s easy to understand the desire for the visual novel game. Ace Attorney has always had a history of cleverly thought out plot lines, witty dialogue, brilliant and complex characterisation, and AA5 will not be different from that.

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