The Top 10 Movies of 2011

This is probably the hardest part of this year-end issue, picking the Top 10 movies of the year. So we look at the impact they’ve had on their own franchise, box office takings and most importantly how much we enjoyed it. And while you may or may not agree, this list of 10 movies represent the current mix of movies we’ve had this year, Super Heroes, Action movies, Robots, Drama and Aliens.

10. Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist

The Fast and Furious franchise has had it’s ups and downs. Largely because the series isn’t for everyone, there are moments of terrible acting and some out of this world car stunts. Then again it’s got a special place in many of it’s loyal fans’ hearts and that’s really the magic of the franchise – it has the most loyal following.

9. Transformers: The Dark of the Moon

This movie sparked the huge debate over The Fox vs The Huntington. Well it was certainly better than Revenge of the Fallen and the 3-D effects were pretty impressive.  It broke box office records and the plot line was largely based on an episode from the original cartoon series. Not easy to pull off but Michael Bay succeeded. This movie makes it into the Top 10 although we still think the first installment of the franchise was the best.

8. Thor

Thor is probably the most tricky of the Marvel Heroes to portray on film but Director Kenneth Branagh’s take on the myth is consistently fun and engaging. Whether wandering around the world of Asgard or just hanging out on planet Earth the film delivers on every level. It’s one of the best movies produced at Marvel Studios so far.

7. Captain America: The First Avenger

To some, this movie was just a speed bump on the way to the ultimate prize: next summer’s superhero blockbuster, ‘The Avengers.’ However this movie might just prove to be the most important lead up to ‘The Avengers’. Sure, it isn’t as flashy as the likes of Iron Man and it’s in a more unfamiliar World War 2 setting. But thanks to the Captain himself, played brilliantly by Chris Evans, this movie stood out on it’s own.

6. Contagion

Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion is one of the best and most realistic movies I have ever seen. Mind you this was no remake of the 1994 film, Outbreak. It was a realistic depiction of the world in peril as a deadly virus sweeps millions world wide. The panic, lies, fears of apocalypse being displayed by the cast was brilliant. At the same time this movie delivers a message to everyone to communicated and work together against all threats to our world. Then there’s also that famous line which caused a buzz online “Blogging isn’t writing, it’s graffiti with punctuation”

5. Hanna

A violent and aggressive fairy tale that’s also shaded with great tenderness and attention to detail, Hanna Director Joe Wright draws yet another terrific performance out of his former Atonement star Saoirse Ronan. The movie contains thrilling action sequences and a dramatic score from The Chemical Brothers. And though it uses the structure of the spy action movie, Wright’s camera work makes Hanna a unique movie experience.

4. Paul

Paul is a funny, consistently engaging road trip movie in which two nerds stumble across a real alien and end up on the run. It’s stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have great chemistry and are pair well together. Combine that with Seth Rogen voicing Paul and Jason Bateman as an FBI agent pursuing them, the Seth Rogen voiced Paul, you get one heck of a funny ride!

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow in this forth installment of the franchise. This time he searches for the fountain of youth. I think this movie did better as the story stood on it’s own instead of being broken into 2 parts.  Joining him this time are newcomers to the series: Ian Mcshane as Blackbear, and Penelope Cruz, as a substitute for Keira Knightley’s disappearance from the franchise. Thankfully she took Orlando Bloom as well.

2. X-Men: First Class

After the disaster that was ‘Wolverine,’and really X-Men: The last Stand, First Class brought much expectations and a fresh start as well. The movie traces the origins of familiar mutants Charles Xavier, Magneto, Beast and Mystique. The cast was a surprise with James McAvoy playing Professor X very well and Kevin Bacon proving to be perfectly cast as Sebastian Shaw. And while the story line isn’t close to the comic books, many would say that this is the way X-Men movies should be.

1. Super 8

Our number one pick might come as a surprise to you but really Super 8 was quite brilliantly done. You have J.J. Abrams direct it, bring in Steven Spielberg to produce it, get an incredibly talented young cast to act in it, and then throw in a freaky government conspiracy and an alien to tie it all together. ‘Super 8’ was a sci-fi movie and a nostalgic suburban flick all wrapped into one.

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