The Top 10 Movies of 2010

There are many ways to decide the top 10 movies of the year, from earnings at the box office to star ratings and even the ones that are the most mind blowing.

Well here at POPCulture Online, we decided to go with what we thought was just damn good. We asked around, gather fans opinions and then added those to our opinion and so may we present The Top 10 Movies of 2010!

Number 10 – Resident Evil: After Life

Just because Milla Jovovich is in it…….Resident Evil: After Life starts the top 10 countdown. The story continues with familar cast members returning in this 4th installment, this franchise will never make fan boys tired of it!

She and Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller just ooze with style in this film with stunning visual effects and a franchise that has been so awesome all these years. It made us screen the DVD on our Christmas launch party too! 

Number 9 – The Karate Kid

2010 has certainly been a year of remakes and The Karate Kid certainly stood out with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan breathing new life into this popular 80s franchise.

This movie is filled with morals and updated kung fu stunts but what fans loved most about it was Jaden's honest portrayal in the film. And it's nice to see Jackie Chan serious once in a while.

Number 8 – How To Train Your Dragon

The first animated feature in our top 10 is a heartwarming tale about a viking who befriends a dragon. When this film first opened fans were blogging about how touching the film was and it spent a few weeks at number 1 in the U.S.

The film looked great in 3D and parents were quick to purchase the DVD when it was first released. A winning formula!

Number 7 – Harry Porter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

Part 1 of the epic finale was certainly frustrating because we have to wait for part 2!!!

You can't go wrong with this awesome cast that has been with the film since the first one. We have grown so attached to them because we have practically grown up with them.

Number 6 – Tron: Legacy

This sequel to the highly successful Tron from 1982 paid homage to the film in so many ways, just look at the poster and if you have seen the film you would have notice some 80s hit music being played in the film.

With Tron Legacy, fans were satisfied with the updated version of the grid, the continuation of the story and the hope that we might get plugged in one more time (but hopefully not another 28 years later)

Number 5 – Alice In Wonderland

An old classic we've all heard when we were young. Alice in wonderland was released at the earlier part of the year and it wowed fans with it's dark tone about Alive revisiting wonderland.

It's a great take with some brilliant acting, fans were most impressed with Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of the Red Queen. A flick we won't be forgetting from 2010

Number 4 – Shrek Forever After

It would seem that among fans, 2010 is the year of animations. With How to train your dragon in our top 10, Shrek Forever After also makes it in at number 4.

The final chapter means we won't see Shrek on the big screen again but honestly after it's outstanding showing at the box office, the fans would want more of their favorite Ogre.

Number 3 – Iron Man 2

One of the biggest films of 2010, Tony Stark returned in Iron Man 2. Fans were treated to some amazing fight scenes, a hall of armors we only see in the comic books and the portable suitcase armor.

Crowd pleasing director Jon Favreau recently announced that he would not be directing Iron Man 3, we certainly hope that isn't true because this franchise is taking off!

Number 2 – Toy Story 3

Another animation is in our top 10 and it's the 3rd installment of Toy Story. Everyone's favorite toys are back on another adventure.

The toys' owner Andy is all grown up now, what will happen to Woody and Buzz? As with every Toy Story movie, this one doesn't disappoint and the heart warming scenes at the end would surly leave you in tears……wondering if your toys have felt the same way.

Number 1 – Inception

The fans vote for Number 1 is from the director of The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan blew our minds with Inception.

Lots of Dark Knight alumni in this one with lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio at his best. Views left the cinema asking the question "was it all a dream"……it even spawned fan sites all over debating that question.

So based on fan votes and the cult it's created, Inception is our pick for the Number 1 movie of 2010

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