The Top 10 Babes of 2011

In our POP Babe section this month, we decided to do something a little different for our year-end wrap up of babes who have graced this section of the magazine. Instead of listing the Babes of the year according to popularity, we’re listing them according to who we thought stood out best when we met them…..or at least were within a 10-meter radius of them.


10. AKB48

The group is definitely made up of more girls than the 3 we met. AKB48 members, Maria Abe, Haruka Shimazaki, and Miyu Takeuchi were in town to officiate the soft launch of the AKB48 Cafe in Singapore, and we got to have a chat with them. Since we have met with quite a few Japanese groups this year, we thought it’d be great to start off the Top 10 with the girls from AKB48.

Babe Factor: The girls were a joy to talk to and certainly an inspiration for all aspiring young artistes.

9. May’n

It was quite the experience meeting Japanese songstress May’n when she was in town for a solo concert in June and spoke to us about her movie, Phonic-Nation, lessons in life and her message to aspiring artistes.

My message for the younger generation is never give up and the opportunity will eventually come. It’s important not to lose passion in what you do and keep working hard.


Babe Factor: Simply because in person, she was very warm and genuine. 

8. Scandal

Scandal band members Haruna, Tomomi, Mami & Rina were decked out in their BABY ACTION album cover outfits as they talked about their impression of Singapore, the fans here and on their latest album when they were in town for the last leg of their BABY ACTION Asia Tour here in Singapore.

Babe Factor: How can you not love rocker chicks!


Earlier this year when LiSA came to town for the Anime Festival Asia press conference, she was an upcoming star. People wanted to know more about her and her music was infectious. Just months later at her first I Love Anisong concert, she became a real crowd puller with legions of fans shouting and screaming as she rocked out the stage.

Babe Factor: This girl has loads of personality and a certain charm about her, enough to make you melt.

6. Kalafina

Just looking at these 3 gorgeous women enter the room was enough to say that they would make it to our top 10 list. And if you’re wondering about the origins of their costumes, here’s what they had to say:

The costumes are designed for our songs because each song has it’s own unique taste. Our costumes include some mid European styles, especially the corsets which we think are very unique.


Babe Factor: It’s the mixture of elegance and poise from Keiko Kubota, Wakana Ōtaki & Hikaru Masai that stood out for us.

5. SDN48

The group was created based on an “Adult Idol” concept to appeal to a more mature audience. Well judging by their performance outfits, you can imagine how cool and sexy the girls are on stage.

We had the chance to speak to SDN48 1st generation members Sayaka Kondo, Yukari Sato and Chen Qu and their personalities really stood out as fun and easy going people.

The songs and lyrics are a little bit different because it’s meant to appeal to an audience above 18 years old. So it’s sexier and the way we dance and sing is the most distinctively different form our sister groups.

Sakaya Kondo

Babe Factor: They’re sexy, stylish and fun to be around.



With cosplaying it’s never easy, There’s so much more to this culture, you look at things like outfits, make up and I’d say most importantly if the cosplayer’s physique matches the character being portrayed.

Well one look at popular Japanese cosplayer USAGI and you’ll realise that she’s the real deal. During an interview with us she mentioned that she doesn’t exactly work out, she watches her diet instead and does a lot of stretching.

Babe Factor: Her looks are beyond question but it was her sincerity that made time stand still when we met her.

3. Ruby Rocket

Ruby Leigh Young also known as Ruby Rocket first caught the attention of the cosplayer scene all the way here in Singapore from the United States with her portrayal of The Phoenix from X-Men a few years ago. We had the chance to speak to her a few months ago and found out that her first convention costume was Eudial from Sailor Moon.

Babe Factor: She mentioned that she’d love to portray Jean Grey in an X-Men movie and looking at her cosplay as Phoenix, we couldn’t agree more.

Image courtesy of Ruby Leigh Young


2. Zhang ZiYi

She came to Singapore during the inaugural ScreenSingapore this year and she certainly turned heads at her various red carpet appearances. An absolute beauty and a smile that reached out to you, Zhang ZiYi was the highlight of just being  able to catch a glimpse of her at the red carpet.

Babe Factor: For Zhang ZiYi it was all about class.

1. Shakira

The Grammy Award-Winning Colombian beauty was in town for the Singapore Grand Prix and boy did she bring the house down with an energetic performance on the second night of stage activities.

A huge crowd gathered at the Padang stage area just to watch her perform live on a stage with brilliant lighting as she sang to an adoring crowd. showing off her radiant smile.

Babe Factor: The photos say it all with how gorgeous she is but if that doesn’t work for you then 40,000 fans turning up to watch her perform should make good enough stats.

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