Tokyo Auto Saloon Singapore 2013

Known as one of the largest automotive after-market parts and accessories exhibition in the world, the Tokyo Auto Salon has become quite an iconic event for automotive fans to attend in Japan. For 30 years now and counting, the event sees more than 250,000 automotive fans from all over the world visiting Japan for this event over a 3 day period.

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For the 1st time in its illustrious 30-year history, the Tokyo Auto Salon will be coming to the shores of Singapore thanks to the good people over at MediaCorp and Muse Group. Held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Kenneth Wong reports from the event ground of the first Tokyo Auto Salon to be held here in Singapore.

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Upon entering the huge event grounds, the first thing to catch the eyes any visitor are the many cars exhibits and their respective booths. From the sleek Mazda RX7 to the powerful Nissan GT-R, there is no shortage of these sports cars that automotive cars are familiar with.

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But not only are Asian cars are present at the event as popular European names such as Ferrari, Audi and one very prominent Rolls Royce can also be found at the event.

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Another thing that visitors can look forward to at this year’s Tokyo Auto Saloon Singapore 2013 are the many creative and sometimes out of this world body kit designs that are on display. From carbon fiber body kit designs that look straight out of a blockbuster science fiction movie to cute artworks that have been inspired by popular Japanese Animes, those looking to capture these down onto digital negatives better remember to charge their camera batteries full.

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A staple of any Car show in the world are the beauty and grace of the Racequeens that add the human touch to the mechanical power and speed on display. From local faces to overseas ones from Taiwan and Japan, you know when these Racequeens are giving their best smiles by the huge groups of photographers at the booth. Do note that while these Racequeens will be happy to let you take a photo of them, do remember to also respect their personal space especially when they are on their breaks or doing touch ups to their make up.

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Last and certainly not the least, visitors are also given a taste of the Japanese Popular Culture as Japan’s number one girl group, AKB48, graces the event with their infectious smile and kawaii (“lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable” in Japanese) personality. Having two meet and greet sessions and what looks to be a high energy performance, it will be a good chance for visitors new to the group to get a very good first hand experience.

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Overall the experience has been positive one taking into account this is the first Tokyo Auto Saloon event by MediaCorp and Muse Group. Sure the event is still no where near the one held in Japan as some have pointed out on the internet. But to be fair, no first event is ever perfect and the event is by no means small as it takes a huge portion of the convention center.

For myself, I sure did enjoy myself going around admiring almost every single car (although I got to say I am a little disappointed that my favorite car, the Mitsubishi Evolution on display was rather “meh…”) and how creative some of the body kits designers can be. The Tokyo Auto Saloon Singapore is definitely an event I will look forward to next year!

For more photos from the event itself, do check out our Tokyo Auto Saloon Singapore 2013 album over at our Facebook Page.

Photo Credits: Ken Koh

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