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It seems like eons between the end of the beta and the launch of the game that has a hype level of epic portions. Yup I am talking about the game called Titanfall which has be dominating my social media space ever since the beta ended with tons of positive post that came after. I too of course added to it after a very positive experience with the beta.

In fact I have to give it to the people behind Titanfall not to make a Diablo 3 error and have server issues on launch day. I still remember my friend excitingly messaging me that its up and that the servers are actually stable and he just completed his first map. Comparing to the likes of Diablo 3 and even Battlefield 4, it was a rather smooth day for gamers looking for their first Titan experience.

Moving onto the game experience itself, Titanfall seems to have taken the good from many popular first person shooters, added in a bit of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and added a dash of the popular hit anime “Attack on Titan”. To be honest, I still wonder if any of the game designers are big fans of the anime looking at how the movements of the Pilots in Titanfall seemed inspired by the “3D Maneuver Gear”.

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This meant that as a Pilot in this game, you get the freedom of movement as you double jump from window to roof tops, run along the walls and even do stunts that look Parkour in nature. Yup if you are wondering, freedom movement in Titanfall is a really big thing looking at the map types. In fact this will be the first thing I would highly recommend all new players get used to.

Lets not forget about the two story hulking pieces of metal called Titans which add another dimension of fun into the formulate called Titanfall. While definitely slowly and less mobile compared to its human counterparts, the Titans make up with loads of firepower. Yet the people at Respawn Entertainment have done a good job balancing out everything that regardless in on foot or riding your two story bringer of death, both are evenly matched as long as you know the style of play.

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Titanfall also tries to be different from other first person shooters with its campaign mode style. Here it is purely multiplayer and allows you to jump into each map and play either side. You get bits of monologue to help explain what is going on and later on during the match itself, you get more monologue to move the story along. Now this is perhaps the only thing that I am rather disappointed about. Being a HUGE mecha fan from mechwarrior to gundam and even the old Heavy Gear series, I always felt that the mecha universe is one the best background for storylines.

Even with other big first person shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty, although it is very obvious their main selling point is the multiplayer, they still have decent campaign modes which I usually will play first. I have no issues with the campaign mode in Titanfall being multiplayer but I just felt there is more to be done and its one huge potential waiting to be discovered. Hopefully the people at Respawn Entertainment will start developing the storyline and campaign mode later on.

Another hot topic of discussion that appeared on the internet was the small number of players per map. I guess most of us are used to the huge multiplayer maps where lots of players go around killing each other, capping points and other “staple” modes that seasoned multiplayer first person shooter gamers will be familiar with. What Respawn Entertainment did was to infuse MOBA elements into the game with the introduction of grunts and spectres. In MOBA terms, you get creeps in each map as well and taking out these creeps helps in shortening the time your titan falls from the sky into battle (I do wonder if that’s why its called Titanfall). Killing these creeps also adds to the point counter for attrition map types.

The addition of these grunts and spectres help to populate the map and little touches like hearing their radio chatter about spotting an enemy pilot, being thankful you are with them or even going into panaic mode when the rest of their squad gets wiped out does add to the game experience. But don’t underestimate these creeps as many on reddit have embarrassingly confessed, these creeps can kill if you are not careful. I still remember getting killed by a spectre in my first run and it sure was embarrassing especially when I was streaming my game on twitch.

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Overall Titanfall is a well polished game in context to many others on launch day. From stable servers (or at least for me playing on the pc) to an interesting mixture of both human and titan combat mode, it has been a good fun positive experience so far. While many have complained about the leveling system where new gear only unlocks after certain levels, I still feel this can also be a game where I can jump in for two rounds and get out without feeling severely disadvantage compared to those who have put in lots of time to level up. Sure I dont get the cooler weapons but it doesn’t mean I still cant jump onto an enemy titan to take it out by shooting its electronic innards.

A game to recommend for anyone who likes mecha and first person shooter, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment definitely have a winner in Titanfall.

Ratings: 4.5 stars out of 5

by Kenneth Wong
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