Things to do at Doujin Market 2017

Doujin Market is back again this year bigger and better. If you are lost on what to do there, here are some tips to help you enjoy the event:

Walk the event grounds which stretches almost the entire level 3 concourse. You never know what goodies you can find at each corner. Just remember to be nice and not block the way as the crowd can get really crazy at peak periods.

BUY BUY BUY… Don’t hesitate because all these lovely merchandises are limited and might not have re-runs. Do remember that cash is king here so head to the ATM first before coming down.

Check out the Sketch Wall by filled with interesting works and if you are game, leave something behind too!

Don’t forget the informative seminars where experienced industry veterans will share their experiences and even offer tips for those wanting to get started in the creative industry.

Remember to drop by the center section too to check out the latest Wacom devices, premium art collectibles by InkInk Collectibles, take part in the MonDate.TV livestream, check out the World Doujin Day time capsule and pick up your kickstarter package at Rachta Lin’s booth.

While not a cosplay event, Doujin Market 2017 is a cosplay friendly event and you will find cosplayers moving around the event grounds. Do remember to be nice to them as well and not take any unglam shots when they are resting or still doing their makeup.

Doujin Market 2017 is a good testament to the growing community here in Singapore and if I could suggest something to organisers Neo Tokyo Project, it’s time to find a larger venue!

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