The Summer State EP Review

Singapore has churned out an upcoming band that looks set to make a difference in our rather dead local music scene. Hailing pop punk influences in their music, The Summer State recently released their self-titled EP, a definite eye opener no less.

The Summer State EP Cover

The album, like the origin of their band name, brings about a positive feel, reminding us of the music era of the later 90s and early 00s. To quote their official site, “The self-titled EP is a representation of The Summer State’s journey, with each song a different struggle that one had to learn to overcome. “

Singer Ryan Lopez possesses the voice to carry the band and almost enough to rival that of their American counterparts. The EP has 5 songs that range from the up-tempo first track, ”Trying Was My Only Regret” to the slow ballad “I Do, I Don’t”, which features Siti Zahidah the winner of 987FM Next Big Thing.

Singaporean fans of bands like We Are The In Crowd, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, The Starting Line and the like will not be disappointed by our homegrown local talents with this EP. We do hope to see more from them in future and to always rock it out!

EP Tracklist:
1. Trying Was My Only Regret
2. Love, That’s What They Call It These Days
3. Hope, From the Gallows
4. I Do, I Don’t feat. Siti Zahidah
5. Hush, We’re Taking Over

Ratings: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

by Nicholas Kwan
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