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I still remember when the first The Sims game was announced, gamers everywhere including myself gave that “HUH” look for Maxis to be moving away from great city building simulation games to that of a life simulation game. 3 games later, all was forgotten about that move as gamers were happy with guiding their Sim to greatness and achieving its life goals.

The Sims 4 looks to build upon all that is good from the last game and bring to gamers even more fun and wacky Sim reactions with the new and improved emotion system. This not only allows for better interaction between the Sims in the game world but also offers hilarious outcomes. The best part for me is letting my Sim interact with the other Sims on and just sit back and observe some of the wackiest situations like how the poor Sim with the oddball trait will never get the lady no matter how hard he tried but bring in someone with say romantic trait and you will see sparks fly.

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Another enhancement to the game over the previous one is of course the graphics. While its not going to blow you away like EA other titles, the new graphics still look very decent yet retains the style that fans of the series have come to appreciate. Sims now also are able to multi task better which is a godsend improvement if you ask me. The ability to say do programming (well I am from the IT background so guess what my Sim’s goal is) and yet speak on the phone or even tell a joke at the same time.

My only peeve with the game is the lack of places that my Sim can go. While I understand that the emphasis might be more on interactions between Sims now that Sims can feel more and do more, still it does get kinda stale once you have explored the two “dwellings”, Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. Coming from the latest Simcity game where the size of a town was smaller then usual, it was still ok as you could connect with lots of towns and do stuff. I was hoping it would be the same with The Sims 4 looking at how much “Open World” The Sims 3 had. Hopefully a future content patch or DLC will solve this for me/

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The Verdict

If anything, The Sims 4 is still a well polished game at its core even with its little disappointments. The emotions system that is present in every Sim in the game is quite impressive and the results from how they deal with their current emotional state can be rather entertaining at times. Graphics look great and the amount of things you can build,move,modify in your house is something that deserves praise. Yet it still feels as though there is something that is missing compared to the previous game and that is the amount of content. While it wouldn’t be fair to compare content of The Sims 4 with The Sims 3 with its huge content pack and the various DLCS, it is still something that will no doubt be an issue for gamers moving over.

Overall The Sims 4 is still a great game in its own right and an excellent foundation for what looks to be building towards another entertaining The Sims game in this great franchise.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 Stars

by Kenneth Wong
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