The Order 1886 Premium Edition Figurine Review

In light of our “The Order 1886” review that was published last week, We were also very fortunate to receive the 13 inch figurine packaged in the premium edition of The Order 1886. While there’re are 2 editions available for purchase, the collector’s edition (With the 7 Inch model of Sir Galahad) and the premium edition (The reviewed Model). The 2 do vary in content and price as well. Let’s dive right into it.

The Order 1886 Premium Edition Figurine Review Full View

The premium edition of the game comes with a whopping 13″ model with Sir Galahad toppling over a ledge battling a Lycan. The models themselves are extremely high in detail. The one you’re seeing here is a limited edition premium model which is fully stainless steel without any form of coloring. Instead it’s a steel finish which gives the model a platinum look and feel to it.

When you compare it to the one found in the premium edition, you’d find that the figure is the same except for the coloring and the finishing. The individual figures itself are fixed in position. As you probably realized by now, their parts are not movable. However, the grenade attached to the back of Sir Galahad can be slid out along with the blade attached to his back.

This is very in line with the game where Sir Galahad would use the blade to finish off a wounded Lycan which is awesome. The Arc rifle which is iconic to the game Order 1886 is aimed directly at the Lycan.

The Order 1886 Premium Edition Figurine Review Lycan

Here’s a more detailed close up for those who want to have a clearer view of the Lycan in striking position looking ferocious. Below, you’d also find a close up on Sir Galahad to fully appreciate the details in his clothing, weaponry and expression.

The Order 1886 Premium Edition Figurine Review Sir Galahad

We had a good time playing and reviewing the game. If you would like to get your hands on this particular model, do check out the premium edition of the game which the steel book casing of the game, 22 Page Art book, the 13 inch figure, official soundtrack, knight’s arsenal DLC and much more. Be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of the series “The Order 1886”.

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by Kenneth Choong

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