The New Adventures of Captain Future

The POPCulture Online team has a bit of soft spot for retro cartoons and animes. From the likes of Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs to the original Gundam and Macross, these were the shows we grew up with and played their part in what we know as modern popular culture.

So when we received word that a live action anime of one of the classics was in the works, we had to check it out and share it with you here at POPCulture Online.

A Little Background

For those not familiar with the series, Captain Future started as a science fictional hero back in the 1940s. The character was created by Better Publications editor Mort Weisinger with most of the stories written by science fiction writer, Edmond Hamilton.

While there were many adaptations such as the popular anime series by Toei Animation (Japan), the origin of Capture Future stayed somewhat close to the original back in the 1940s.

Meet David Guivant

No stranger to fan made films, David Guivant has taken on one of the biggest name in the superhero universe and made a fan film out of it. Yup, we are talking about The Invincible Iron Man which has spawn many comics, cartoon and even 2 block buster movies.

David’s work on this fan film has definitely got him a name for himself with articles about appearing on the internet such as &

Enter the Captain Future Indy Project

As an admirer of classic Animes and Mangas, David is now working on a new project called “CAPTAIN FUTURE” which will be a live action anime and inspired by the SCI-FI Classic created by Edmond Hamilton and the Japanese Anime of the same name from the 1970’s.

The film will take place 5 years after the storyline from both the Novels and the Anime and focus on Curtis Newton, a brilliant scientist and adventurer who roams the solar system solving problems, righting wrongs, and vanquishing futuristic super villains.

POPCulture Online understands from David that the project will be fully produced in 2D, following director Kazuaki Kirya’s footsteps (Casshern, Goemon) where cartoon and live action collide.

Final Thoughts

The Captain Future project is currently in the post production stage as per David and will hopefully be out soon. After all, while there are many fan made projects out there on the internet, not many stay true to the roots of the series like what David is trying to do here.

The POPCulture Online team wishes David and his team all the best with the project and we look forward to watching the final product once its out.

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