The Lego Movie Videogame Review

The movie was brillant and I bet most of us adults openly declared that we watched it even though Lego for the most part is assoicated as toys for kids. Well I bet I am not the only one who openly declares that I also bring this part of my childhood into my gaming world. Having played some of the past lego games like Lord of the rings, the kid in me was jumping for joy when I got my hands on the latest Lego video game based on the recent movie. The movie was good but can the game live up to the expectations? Well lets find out!

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The first thing that hit me as the game loaded up on my Playstation 4 was the crisp sharp graphics that represented each Lego block and character. It was so good that my mother thought the bluray for the movie was out. Voice acting especially for the different characters were up to standard as well ( which contributed to my mother thinking I got the movie bluray) and it felt like I was there in the world as explained in the movie.

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Happy with what I saw, I played on through the game which felt familiar having played the previous Lego games. For those new to Lego videogames, the game puts you in command of a group of plastic lego characters (this time from the movie) in a world full of puzzles that must be solved by Lego constructions. True to its namesake, there can be many ways to complete a stage or puzzle as you advance through the game collection all sort of lego items and in game currency. This also encourages players to explore the whole stage especially a 2nd or a 3rd time to collect that special piece.

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The main story of the game stays true to the movie so if you have watched it like me, there are no surprises in terms of what to expect next. For those who have not and are thinking of getting the game, I would say play the game then watch the movie. Without spoiling anything , it is basically your the world needs a savior because some bad guy wants to play punk with how things are and you are the chosen one. Nothing fantastic but it gets the job done.

Overall The Lego Movie Videogame is a decent product that fans of the Lego video series should consider adding to their collection. Nothing fantasic out of this world and yet nothing outstandingly bad about it. Just the game to help you destress after a hectic raid schedule.

Ratings 3.5 out of 5 stars

by Kenneth Wong
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