The Ladies of Mission Impossible

With the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise in theatres, we decided to put the spotlight on the leading ladies from the film. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about them.

Michelle Monaghan

1. She studied Journalism at Columbia College in Chicago.

2. Her workout routine includes spin classes, hiking and jogging.

3. To keep her skin smooth she gets a facial every six weeks.

4. Her husband is a graphic artist.

5. With one semester remaining to complete her journalism degree in 1999, she left for New York to pursue an acting career.

Rebecca Ferguson 

1. From the age of 13, she worked as a model and appeared in magazines and on television commercials for cosmetic, apparel and jewelry advertisements.

2. She danced from a very early age. She did ballet, tap dancing, jazz, street funk and tango. Ferguson even taught Argentine tango at a dance company in Lund, Sweden for a few years while she continued her work on several short art film projects.

3. She’s claustrophobic and suffers from vertigo.

4. Tom Cruise chose her for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation after having seen her in the mini-series The White Queen.

5. She was considered for the lead role in Alien: Covenant.

Vanessa Kirby

1. Kirby was raised in Wimbledon. This can sound funny to people who watch tennis, but it should be noted that the district of London called Wimbledon is home to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

2. Kirby is known for theater. After all, she has starred in numerous theater productions.

3. Initially, Kirby had planned to go to Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, but unfortunately, she was never given the chance because she was never accepted to that particular school. As a result, Kirby decided to take a gap year, which she used to travel before she went on to study English at Exeter University.

4. She worked with a trainer so she could run in a scene with Tom Cruise without vomiting

5. She works with an organization called War Child,. It’s the only charity that specializes in helping children affected by conflict.

Catch these ladies in Mission: Impossible Fallout, in cinemas 26 July 2018

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