The KiraCandy Girls

Mention the term “Otaku” and you will get the usual stereotype description of mostly fat guys with no life who lock themselves in their room and drooling at some pretty 2D female character. It also doesn’t help much that you see articles about extreme cases that really put them in even worst position.

Yet if one really actually tries to understand or even find out a bit more, you will find that most Otakus are really just normal people. They have regular lifestyle, go out with non Otaku friends and are totally nothing like that creepy guy with thick geeky glasses that the media sometimes like to portray.

In fact they can even be girls (and rather cute ones as well) who like all other normal people, are just passionate about their hobbies that they want to share it with others as well. And honestly, there can be nothing wrong in that just like the POPCulture Online team who are also into Movies, Music, Games that we wanted to start an online magazine to share with our readers. But enough of us now as we are not as cute looking as the girls from KiraCandy.

Now before you start thinking that its just another look pretty girl group who decided to ride on the Japanese schoolgirl popularity wave, let me assure you that looking all pretty and cute is just the tip of the iceberg.

The KiraCandy project is produced by Cute~Pop, a local site that is all about the Japanese Popular Culture, with the KiraCandy Girls as its first Singapore All Girl Group under its talent management. The KiraCandy Girls aim to provide entertainment to the community of Japanese anime, game, cosplay and toy lovers through their talents. The girls will create entertaining content such as blog articles, in-house events, in-house card games, short videos, dance and song performances, etc.

That’s a quite an aim to achieve and while it can seem overwhelming, these girls are definitely hard at work preparing for their first event this September where everyone can get a good feel of what the group is about. With thanks to the YEC from the Tampines East Community Centre, KiraCandy will be having its debut party event, the KiraCandy School Party on the 8th of September there from 11am to 6pm.

Guest at the KiraCandy School Party will be able to enjoy the in-house card game session, take polaroid photos with the KiraCandy Girls and also grab a bite from the menu of Bentos and Snacks which will be served by the girls in their Academy uniform. There will also be dance and song performances, anime, artwork and toy merchandises to shop for and a lucky draw which I’m sure most Singaporeans love to take part in.

Admission to the event will cost $10 as a minimum purchase of the vouchers which can be used to purchase food and the various merchandises there. Of course its also OK to spend more as all gross profits from the event will be donated to the Singapore Children’s Society. Quite a nice gesture from the KiraCandy team I gotta say.

So do keep the 8th of September free and check out KiraCandy’s first event and support the KiraCandy Girls as they make their debut appearance at the event!

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Photos courtesy of Kiracandy / Cute~Pop

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