The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Premiere

2012 has had it’s fair share of impressive movies and equally impressive red carpet premiere events. These events have always been fan favorites as not only do you get to see the stars walk the red carpet, its one of the few chances to get up close and personal, plus you might just be fortunate enough to get a picture or even an autograph. Some premieres even have full setups of props and decorations at the event venue to add to the mood of the red carpet premiere and also for the movie.

As the POPCulture Online team sat down to discuss which was our favorite red carpet premiere event, we all agree that there can only be one to rule them all. Yup no prizes for guessing which one it is as the team came to a unanimous vote that the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected in Wellington, NZ will take the title this year.

After all. one look at the number of people who attended the red carpet event is enough reason to justify it being one of the top ones for the year. Add in the fact that it is one of the longest red carpet around with fans coming in from all over the world, it was really as we call it “無馬走 bô bé cháu”  (Original Hokkien expression used in horse racing jargon to describe a champion horse which is way ahead of the field.)

The first thing that struck us was the fact that the organisers spared no expense to make the whole area feel plucked out from Middle Earth itself. From giant trolls along the red carpet to the huge stage that resembles the Baggins’s home, it was just magical for the fans there.

You can check out more photos at the The Hobbit Facebook Page

But of course while pictures do help to give a sense of the event, nothing beats watching the video itself. From the  behind the scenes preparations to the actual day itself, everything is nicely captured here. It is definitely very nice of Peter Jackson and the team to do this video for those who couldn’t be there to join in the fun.

It has been a fun year in 2012 checking out all the red carpet events and the POPCulture Online team is definitely looking forward to seeing what 2013 has in store.

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