Team PCO decides…who will win

What an epic battle we have to look forward to this March with Batman battling Superman. As much as we want to know how this battle started, I’m sure you have your guesses on who you think would win.


Well here at POPCulture Online, we decided to answer that question. It’s our opinion anyway.

Kenneth Wong – Co-Founder

Superman just needs to find a way to stay away from kryptonite and stay near a yellow sun, only then can I see Superman winning

Tessie Tan – Executive Editor

Superman because if he can push a planet out of its orbit, I really can’t imagine how Batman can defeat him.

Ken Koh – Creative Director

Batman would win because Bruce Wayne is a tycoon with resources and Clark Kent is just a reporter

Nicholas Kwan – Photographer / Videographer

Batman has to win because he knows how to defeat every JLA member.

Alex Tan – Photographer

Batman! Because you can be anyone, unless you are Batman. Then always be Batman.

Chen KangYi – Features Writer

Superman, All he needs to do is expose Bruce Wayne and the World will finally know… Before you say Wayne’s billions would bury the truth, never underestimate Journalists hungry for a story

And what do I think? Obviously Batman….just look at the photo I posted at the top. Batman has brains and I’ve got to go with Brains over Brawn.
So the score is 4 for Batman and 1 for Superman. Close call but it seems half the crew is in favour of Batman taking the win! Who will win? Go watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to find out!

Elliott Danker

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