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Alliance and Horde will Battle for Azeroth come August 14


This is the news that players of Blizzard’s popular MMORPG World of Warcraft have been waiting for – the release date for the next expansion Battle for Azeroth is August 14! The upcoming seventh expansion set will not only see the level cap go up to 120 but also 6 new playable races, 3 for the Alliance and 3 for …

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World of Warcraft: Legion Beta Hands On

World of Warcraft Legion Beta Hands On Screen Shot (34)

One of the longest surviving multi player online role playing games that is based on the award winning real time strategy game Warcraft, it was quite a surprise that Blizzard decided not to create a sequel to the series and embark onto a MMORPG. Many years and expansions later, Blizzard has announced the next instalment in the series, World of …

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More Misses than Hits – Video Game Movies

Lothar and Garona from Warcraft: The Beginning | Image courtesy of United International Pictures

The video game community is all over it with fans tearing in joy as they see the world of Azeroth come to life. Yes, I am talking about the recent video game turned movie, Warcraft: The Beginning. All over the worth, fans of one of Blizzard’s beloved franchise finally got to see the war between the orcs and humans explode …

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Welcome back old foes with Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods

Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods Screenshot 01

As a long World of Warcraft player since the days of the 40 men raids, I have always loved the lore of Warcraft and have a soft spot for the Old Gods and how much problems they have caused Azeorth. You can imagine my delight and curiosity to find that they will be appearing in Hearthstone. Sure going up against …

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Interview With Cosplayer Kamui

ICDS 2014 - Cosplayer Interview Kamui featured image

Known for her jaw-dropping armored creations, many of which are inspired by Blizzard’s titles, Kamui is no stranger to the international cosplay community having won many awards for her craft. Recently emerging as grand champion at BlizzCon 2013′s cosplay competition, Kamui continues to wow the world with her excellent crafting and props making. Secretly plotting to steal her Axe to …

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10 Reasons To Play Mist Of Pandaria

Perhaps one of the biggest decision that many World of Warcraft players have to make now is wheather they should get the latest expansion to the most played MMORPG on planet earth, World of Warcraft. After all, with so many other games that look very good coming out, it is not surprising that gamers have more choices. It is no …

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A First Look at WoW: Hour of Twilight

In this months Pop Tech, POPCulture Online’s Co-Founder & World of Warcraft player, Kenneth Wong takes a break from his usual duties to talk about his first experiences as a casual player into the new content patch, “Hour of Twilight” that hit the massively popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft on Tuesday (Singapore Time). Deathwing is Back! In Hour of Twilight …

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